If the Parrot Can….You Can!

Sales people, too often, do little things or say things that are in poor taste; they are annoying to a prospective customer. The consumer doesn’t honor you by telling you what you have said or done that was offensive to them. They just say nothing and you never hear from them again. At this point the sales person has a tendency to wonder what was wrong with the consumer. Why did they choose to use someone else? I didn’t do anything wrong. They must be weird or something.

Without really realizing it, we may be more like the parrot than we know. I know for a fact, statically speaking, that most people spend far more of their time thinking negatively than positively. When negative thoughts fill our mind, our attitude might cause us to be rude in ways we would never be otherwise. If we become agitated enough we may become obnoxious and if a less than desirable language is a part of our vocabulary, then we might even use profanity; which is not part of our daily vocabulary.

Sometimes we might use words, phrases, terms, and jesters that may be perceived by your listener as rude, or possibly obnoxious. It is possible for people to use profanity without realizing what they have said. I have known two people who couldn’t carry on a conversation without every other word being a profane adjective.