Getting the Most from Mold Remediation


 Controlling Moisture   Fix leaks.  Under sinks, in air conditioning condensate lines, ice machines.   Make sure windows and doors close tightly and don’t leak damp air inside We have seen big mold problems develop in locations where the outside damp air was pulled into the structure for a week because a sliding glass door or window was not completely closed.   Quickly (24-48 hours or less) get moving on correcting water damages caused by water intrusions from the above leaks. Associations need to have the ability to begin mitigating water damages in a condo because they often affect others in the same building.   Keep it dry,  Make sure the air conditioning system is working correctly and RUNS.  Remember mold can grow at 60% relative humidity and around here that’s most of the year.  In beach front condos your unit is  insulated by your neighbors condos and how hot or cold they keep their unit can have and effect on yours, and whether your thermostat ever senses it’s hot enough to turn on the unit and cool and dehumidify the condo

Can’t be seen with the necked eye

Since we are located in a coastal area, moisture and mold is a real problem. I asked a friend of mine, Michael Conroy with “Expert Dry” for the rights to publish the article below. I think you will find it most interesting and helpful.


Getting the most out of mold remediation is like telling someone how to enjoy a root canal.  Professionals should do both processes, as painlessly and efficiently as possible and at a fair price but who wants to go there anyway?

Rather than first discuss the blissful benefits of mold remediation lets discuss how to avoid them if possible first.

Mold Needs Moisture, proper temperature and a food source to grow and develop.

Of these three above requirements we can only really control one

1.All of the built structures are constructed of organic materials.  Wood, natural fabrics, drywall,  particle board and even the “bio-film” that sticks to concrete and glass or tile are mold food. [Read more…]

I Meant To and Didn’t, and Now I Can’t

Procrastination is A Deadly Desease

Procrastination is A Deadly Desease

It seems that the older one gets, the faster time moves past us. In my mind’s eye it seems like only yesterday that I was in high school. That’s what my mind tells me but my body tells me differently. Oh what I would give to relive my life, knowing what I know now. Isn’t it amazing how wisdom helps us view things totally different? I wonder why we don’t have more wisdom when we’re young. It seems that’s when we really need it most, because that’s when we made most of the mistakes that we would change now if only we could. I’m sure you are smarter than I am, and probably didn’t make as many mistakes as I did but I’m very confident that there are things in your life that you would change if you had the ability. I am also very confident that if we will be totally honest with ourselves, we’re still making some of those foolish mistakes today. We have recently made decisions that we would change; after evaluating it in the rears.

We can’t do anything about the things we’ve done in the past. That is now history and it’s only good for our use to learn from. There are things, however, that we can do something about. [Read more…]


Handling Accountability and Consequences

Handling Accountability and Consequences

In the professional ranks of the business world, much is said about accountability, but exactly what is it? God gave us all the necessary talents and gifts we need to make a worthwhile contribution to the world in which we live. What we do with those gifts are entirely up to us. We can choose to ignore them or pursue them. We should exert an effort to explore the opportunities and alternatives available to us; totally without fear. How else can we know for ourselves about anything? I wasn’t born liking the taste of apples. I had to bite into one, and enjoy the flavor before I could develop a taste for apples.

Only I, determine what I will do with the day that has been given me. Every day we should ask ourselves, “Am I doing the very best with what I have been given? Am I using my gifts; my talents well?  If not, am I willing to take the necessary actions to change?” One of the best ways of getting in touch with our inner thoughts is to share those thoughts with others. Doing so verbally allows for too many mistakes, and doesn’t always translate into what you really meant. By scripting out your thoughts you will give more attention to what you’re saying and how you say it. The internet has totally changed the way we communicate with each other. [Read more…]