How Is Your Prototype Working?

Is This A Prototype?

Is This A Prototype?

Prototype is a word that is not used much with the general population. Contrarily it is used daily in the manufacturing industry. As an example let’s take a thermal coffee cup and see how it came into being. Somebody had an idea about putting a cup inside another cup while leaving a little space between the walls of the two cups. Theoretically it would insulate the contents of the cup, keeping it either hot or cold. The insulation would prevent the cup from sweating when the contents are contrasting temperatures. The new features would make it more desirable which would increase sales. The cup would sell at a higher price improving profits. At this point it is only an idea; a theory that will make money when mass produced.

The first cup has to be hand-made. Two separate cups of the appropriate sizes will probably be turned on a wood lathe and then a handle applied later. The finished product is used to shape a mold that is made from a material that will be user friendly to the material of finished product. Molds are wooden, clay, metals, plastics, earthen soil, waxes and other materials. Once the mold is smoothed and fits properly, it is ready to use. [Read more…]

We Can Learn From Coach Nick Saban

Real Estate also requires Team-work

As a sales trainer I spend much of my time trying to motivate people. Helping them realize they truly can become what they want to be. It makes no difference whether their goals are strictly financial or they simply want to take their career to the next level. The most successful people, regardless the industry they work, all seem to possess the same characteristics. They are truly professionals at what they do. I have a deep interest in how the top 100 real estate agents in the United States perform on a daily basis. What do they do differently from the other million agents across the Country? Thorough research indicates that all the top producers use the same basic techniques. As it turns out, it isn’t rocket science. They mostly use the same techniques that have been producing results for the last forty years. In fact, it is more of a characteristic than a technique.  We see the same characteristics possessed in the sports arena.

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Real Estate Coaching

What are the benefits of Real Estate Coaching?

When one thinks of a coach, automatically sports come to mind. More specifically, their minds tend to recall their favorite collegiate sports team or maybe their favorite professional team. Every sports team has at least one coach, beginning with kindergarten and continuing into the professional ranks. The higher the levels in sports, the higher number of coaches are involved. In college and professional sports, each position played in a specific sport has its own specialized coach. This is especially true in professional sports. The most successful professional athletes hire a private coach to coach them outside their normal activities to keep them on track; to keep them focused on doing the things necessary to excel in their performance. Professional sports figures rank among the top money earners in the world. If they realize the importance of having a personal coach, it stands to reason that a professional business person also needs a personal coach. This makes sense, doesn’t it?

Real estate is the largest industry in America. Real estate is the most lucrative profession among all industries. The most productive real estate agents in America understand the benefits of having their own personal coach to help them reach higher levels of productivity. If the top producers need coaching, don’t the agents that are producing sales at all other levels need coaching as well. It makes sense to me.

Let me explain coaching benefits. Coaching is about helping agents build a successful business through support and accountability. Weekly coaching sessions provide personal support to keep you focused on doing the things that are productive, while accountability provides visualization of the things you allowed to hinder you from doing the things you had planned to do.

What can a coach do for you that you can’t do for yourself?  A lot! A coach allows you to see yourself through the eyes of the coach. Common sense is one of the best attributes a person can have, so let’s reason together for a moment. If you are getting dressed to have a professional photograph taken, before you pose for the camera, what is the last thing you want to do? Look in the mirror to make sure you look your best; Right? Looking into a mirror is the closest you can come to getting a preview of how the photograph will look before it has even been taken. The mirror provides views from various angles that are otherwise impossible. The mirror provides an overall view of the entire body, from head to toe; a view that you can’t see yourself.

A coach has a lot of similarities to the mirror. A coach will provide a pictorial image of your past weeks performance by drawing a comparisons of previous results in relation to your weekly and daily work plan. When lecturing to a group of students, I sometime use this example to illustrate how people can always do a little more than they thought they could do. Let me show you what I’m talking about. Whether you are sitting or standing, it makes no difference. Raise both hands in the air and reach as high as you can, and hold them there. Now see if you can reach just a little bit farther. You could, couldn’t you? It might not have been much higher, but it was a little bit higher. Now I told you to begin with to raise your hands as high as you could but you didn’t. Why not? I can tell you why you didn’t. You set your expectations too low the first time. This is the way we are with our business too. A personal coach will help you reach just a little higher. Then when you reset your goals to higher levels, the coach will help you reach just a little higher. The big question becomes how high is high enough? There are no limitations to the heights you can reach, as long as you are committed to excellence and remain focused on doing the things necessary to advance your career to the next level.

Having a personal coach is like having a third eye. Can you imagine how much more you could see if you had a third eye? Probably not, but if you had the third eye for just a little while, you would take all the money in the world to do without it.

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