Loyalty; A Fiduciary Responsibility

Real estate agents from across the country prompted me to write this article. If we step back in time 50-60 years, people

were loyal to each other. They were loyal to the people they did business with. The giving and receiving of loyalty was expected. It was almost like an unwritten law of conduct. In many cases, deals were made with a handshake. No written contract was required. What happened to it?

Then came prosperity

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I Meant To and Didn’t, and Now I Can’t

Procrastination is A Deadly Desease

Procrastination is A Deadly Desease

It seems that the older one gets, the faster time moves past us. In my mind’s eye it seems like only yesterday that I was in high school. That’s what my mind tells me but my body tells me differently. Oh what I would give to relive my life, knowing what I know now. Isn’t it amazing how wisdom helps us view things totally different? I wonder why we don’t have more wisdom when we’re young. It seems that’s when we really need it most, because that’s when we made most of the mistakes that we would change now if only we could. I’m sure you are smarter than I am, and probably didn’t make as many mistakes as I did but I’m very confident that there are things in your life that you would change if you had the ability. I am also very confident that if we will be totally honest with ourselves, we’re still making some of those foolish mistakes today. We have recently made decisions that we would change; after evaluating it in the rears.

We can’t do anything about the things we’ve done in the past. That is now history and it’s only good for our use to learn from. There are things, however, that we can do something about. [Read more…]