A Day In Court Rated AAA+ by Realtors

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New CE Requirements

All licensees must complete Risk Management Avoiding Violations and either Risk Management for Salespersons or Risk Management for Brokers. All brokers must complete Risk Management Avoiding Violations and Risk Management for Brokers.

Since most people want to complete all their CE requirements at the same time, we have made that possible by offering all required courses on the same day.

We are very excited about the one-of-kind elective course “A Day In Court.” It promises to be fun, exciting, educational and one that will form memories for a lifetime.

Day One A Day In Court 9am-4pm 6 Hrs. CE Credits $60  
Day Two Risk Management…. Avoiding Violations 8am11pm 3 Hrs. CE Credits $30  
Day Two Risk Management for Salesperson 11am-3pm 3 Hrs. CE Credits $30  
Day Two Risk Management for Brokers 3pm-6pm 3 Hrs. CE Credits $30  

10 Minute Break Each Hour and One Hour Lunch Break Both Days

Special Note: Salespeople taking Risk Management for Brokers will help a salesperson realize the legal liabilities that are placed on the qualifying broker. Additionally, by taking three different Risk Management classes, the salesperson should be well prepared to limit their liabilities while protecting their clients best financial interests.

Class Dates

July 9-10 July 23-24 Aug. 6-7 Aug. 20-21 Sept. 3-4  Sept. 17-18

To register for these classes send an email to Jame@AlabamaRealEstateInstitute.com and give the name, date your cell phone number. You can pay and register the day of class.

NOTE: Make sure you bring your real estate license number to class because I can’t issue your CE credits without it.


Location: Class will be held at the Orange Beach Community Center, 27235 Canal Rd. 36561

For additional information call James Anderson (251) 979-2530. I look forward to seeing you in class.

Alabama Real Estate Institute–PO Box 2115, 416 E. Laruel Ave., Foley, Al. 36535



Creating A Business Plan (Part Six) Time Management


I hope creating a business plan has been a pleasant experience for you. I can guarantee if you carefully create a business plan and then really commit to following that plan, it will be the best financial decision you have made in your entire life. I’m sure some of the large dollar volumes you need to produce in income from listings and sales to buyers were eye opening. Realizing the time required to accomplish certain activities was shocking. At first glance some people will begin thinking negatively and assume the tasks are impossible. It’s not impossible. Matter of fact, with practice, you will be capable of doing several times as much as your goal calls for. It seems to be human nature to fear the unknown. We feel uneasy traveling roads we’ve never been down before. By the time we arrive at our destination, we realize the simplicity of the journey. I don’t know where I got it but I have a saying I use all time, “DREAM BIG & BE BOLD……..great and mighty forces will come to your aid.” Embed that thought in your mind, believe it, and there is nothing you can’t accomplish.

Creating a business plan is useless unless we commit to following that plan. The most difficult task in a business plan is “Time Management.” Today I want to share some thoughts about managing time. [Read more…]