How Is Your Prototype Working?

Is This A Prototype?

Is This A Prototype?

Prototype is a word that is not used much with the general population. Contrarily it is used daily in the manufacturing industry. As an example let’s take a thermal coffee cup and see how it came into being. Somebody had an idea about putting a cup inside another cup while leaving a little space between the walls of the two cups. Theoretically it would insulate the contents of the cup, keeping it either hot or cold. The insulation would prevent the cup from sweating when the contents are contrasting temperatures. The new features would make it more desirable which would increase sales. The cup would sell at a higher price improving profits. At this point it is only an idea; a theory that will make money when mass produced.

The first cup has to be hand-made. Two separate cups of the appropriate sizes will probably be turned on a wood lathe and then a handle applied later. The finished product is used to shape a mold that is made from a material that will be user friendly to the material of finished product. Molds are wooden, clay, metals, plastics, earthen soil, waxes and other materials. Once the mold is smoothed and fits properly, it is ready to use. [Read more…]

Take Aim and Fire

Taking Aim Requires Focus

Taking Aim Requires Focus

I bet you think this is going be about gun control or what President Obama is doing about taking guns out of the hands of innocent law abiding citizens but it’s not. This is a new year and if we want to have a successful sales career, we need to take aim early on doing the things we know we need to do to reach our goals. I hope you took my advice back in November and began working on your 2013 Business Plan. If you did, you know exactly how much income you produced, what your expenses were, where your business came from, and exactly what you need to do on a daily bases to achieve the goals you have set for the coming year.

I love this time of the year because it offers a time of beginning. It’s almost like saying, “well I know I screwed up last year and I didn’t do the things I knew to do, but I will do better this year.” Isn’t looking at our life retrospectively much easier than looking into the future? There are so many things in my life that I would do differently if only I could. Unfortunately we can’t go back and relive anything that has already past. What we can do, is to learn from our past mistakes and exert every effort not to make those mistakes again. Yesterday is gone forever. Today is the first day of the rest of our lives. It is our new beginning.  [Read more…]

Prototype for Real Estate Sales


One rarely thinks about all the processes an item goes through before it reaches the retail sales arena. I’m not referring to products that are grown, such as fruit and vegetables, but products that are manufactured for consumer use. There are many, many steps between the times a product is envisioned in someone’s mind, until it actually reaches the retail business where it can be purchased. Almost everything stems from a dream or an idea someone had. Next the idea is transferred onto paper as a drawing by a designer to allow others to perceive what the idea looks like and how it will function. The next step is for some engineer to break the item into components to allow the item to be manufactured either as a whole or in parts so that through close tolerances, all parts can be easily assembled to create an item in its entirety. After carefully checking the engineers work for accuracy, the blueprint is sent to a tool and die department to make a prototype; the first complete transformation of an idea into a visible, functioning item. The prototype is then tested many times, using various techniques to ensure it works the way it was intended. Once the prototype has proven to work as intended, the item is then manufactured and sold to consumers. This is a very broad explanation of the processes almost everything we use on a daily basis, comes into existence. Real estate sales follow a similar path in which I would like to explain in some detail.

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Four Divisions of A Successful Career

Divided We Stand

A few days ago I was watching a training film by a prominent coach in the PGA circuit. He began breaking down the golf game into four major areas that good golfers need to focus on. As I listened to him strategically break down each area, I began to notice the same characteristics for a professional sales career. As a productivity coach in the real estate industry, I have several steps for taking agents from the very beginning to the point of reaching a successful level in sales production. All of those steps can be incorporated into the same four basic divisions he used to describe the game of golf. The more I began to analyze what he was saying, the more I began to see that these divisions apply to life in general. They would be the same areas anyone would need to focus on if they wanted to attain success. Isn’t it strange that we have a tendency to complicate things until someone simplifies it for us? [Read more…]

Creating A Business Plan (Part One)


Success is all about realistic expectations, regardless of the industry in which you work. For some reason people enter real estate sales without giving careful thought to their income expectations. I think it is because they see real estate as being a lucrative profession. They see names on “For Sale” signs all over town and equate those signs with success. Then they rationalize if they got a position with the same agency, they too would be able to do the same thing. Many people work around very successful sales people that can never seem to get their career moving in a profitable direction. I place most of the blame on the qualifying broker for the agency because they haven’t provided proper training.

Real estate sales are a business. Agents are independent contractors, working for themself under the umbrella of an agency. Like starting any new business, the first step is to set realistic expectations which are done by completing a business plan. How can you know what you need to do until you know what you want to accomplish? [Read more…]

Why Salespeople Should Smile


In my training classes I teach people the importance of smiling and I’m always interested in the facial expressions of my students during my presentation. Much of the time most students will have a blank look on their face; which tells me they don’t believe what I’m saying. When I entered the sales field in 1969, my brother told me something I’ll never forget; “Look like a professional, dress like a professional, and act like a professional and you will become a professional.” I didn’t appreciate what he was telling me at the time, but as I began maturing, I began to understand the message he was sharing. I can attest that he was right. I have shared the same sentiments with thousands of sales people in hopes they too would learn the real meaning behind the words.

When you think of a salesperson, what do you see? What is their appearance like? What type of personality do they have? How do they act around other people? What is their demeanor?  All of us have met people that we somehow knew they were in sales before we were formerly introduced.  They were well dressed, spoke proper grammar, and had such an outgoing personality; they had to be in sales. We have all heard the preverbal phrase, “A natural born salesperson.”  In reality there is no such birth. [Read more…]