Social Networks

Which Network Do You Use?

Which Network Do You Use?

Social Networks seem to be a main topic of discussion anywhere two or more real estate agents are gathered. Almost everyone uses Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or one of the many networks in an attempt to find prospective clients. Can you really find clients on Social Networks? If so, which ones are best served for finding people that want to buy or sell real estate? [Read more…]

Contracts To Purchase Real Estate

Real Estate Agents Want to Know

Contracts Are Legal Documents

Explain Every Detail in A Contract

One of my standard continuing education classes is Contract Law. It never fails that when I’m marketing my CE classes, people ask, “Why don’t you teach something more exciting like social networks, or something that will help us to get more business?” My come back is usually, “I have those classes in my training seminars. This is an educational course, and I promise to make it exciting.” Then I keep my word by including games that are competitive between groups, and give awards and prizes.

Class date rolls around and it’s time to begin. I pass out a class Pretest consisting of only one question; name all the elements of a legal, binding contract. [Read more…]