A Day In Court Rated AAA+ by Realtors

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New CE Requirements

All licensees must complete Risk Management Avoiding Violations and either Risk Management for Salespersons or Risk Management for Brokers. All brokers must complete Risk Management Avoiding Violations and Risk Management for Brokers.

Since most people want to complete all their CE requirements at the same time, we have made that possible by offering all required courses on the same day.

We are very excited about the one-of-kind elective course “A Day In Court.” It promises to be fun, exciting, educational and one that will form memories for a lifetime.

Day One A Day In Court 9am-4pm 6 Hrs. CE Credits $60  
Day Two Risk Management…. Avoiding Violations 8am11pm 3 Hrs. CE Credits $30  
Day Two Risk Management for Salesperson 11am-3pm 3 Hrs. CE Credits $30  
Day Two Risk Management for Brokers 3pm-6pm 3 Hrs. CE Credits $30  

10 Minute Break Each Hour and One Hour Lunch Break Both Days

Special Note: Salespeople taking Risk Management for Brokers will help a salesperson realize the legal liabilities that are placed on the qualifying broker. Additionally, by taking three different Risk Management classes, the salesperson should be well prepared to limit their liabilities while protecting their clients best financial interests.

Class Dates

July 9-10 July 23-24 Aug. 6-7 Aug. 20-21 Sept. 3-4  Sept. 17-18

To register for these classes send an email to Jame@AlabamaRealEstateInstitute.com and give the name, date your cell phone number. You can pay and register the day of class.

NOTE: Make sure you bring your real estate license number to class because I can’t issue your CE credits without it.


Location: Class will be held at the Orange Beach Community Center, 27235 Canal Rd. 36561

For additional information call James Anderson (251) 979-2530. I look forward to seeing you in class.

Alabama Real Estate Institute–PO Box 2115, 416 E. Laruel Ave., Foley, Al. 36535



How Is Your Prototype Working?

Is This A Prototype?

Is This A Prototype?

Prototype is a word that is not used much with the general population. Contrarily it is used daily in the manufacturing industry. As an example let’s take a thermal coffee cup and see how it came into being. Somebody had an idea about putting a cup inside another cup while leaving a little space between the walls of the two cups. Theoretically it would insulate the contents of the cup, keeping it either hot or cold. The insulation would prevent the cup from sweating when the contents are contrasting temperatures. The new features would make it more desirable which would increase sales. The cup would sell at a higher price improving profits. At this point it is only an idea; a theory that will make money when mass produced.

The first cup has to be hand-made. Two separate cups of the appropriate sizes will probably be turned on a wood lathe and then a handle applied later. The finished product is used to shape a mold that is made from a material that will be user friendly to the material of finished product. Molds are wooden, clay, metals, plastics, earthen soil, waxes and other materials. Once the mold is smoothed and fits properly, it is ready to use. [Read more…]

Find New Clients Everyday—Guaranteed!

Arm's Length is about 3-Feet

Arm’s Length is about 3-Feet

I get tickled at salespeople sometimes and then at other times I can get frustrated with them just as quickly. It never fails that salespeople will drive past people that would buy their product, while the whole time they are in search for a prospective client to work with. Let me explain what I’m referring to as it relates to the real estate industry. Real estate agents are always looking for new listing opportunities while at the same time they’re searching for people that are interested in buying real estate. Let me set the stage for what I want to tell you by causing you to think outside the box for a moment. More times than not, we do not drive directly to our destination. For example; we may be on our way to work in the morning, but first plan to stop by the gas station. Our next stop may be at McDonald’s or some other fast food place to get a sausage and biscuit. If not there we might stop by Krispy Kreme Donuts. We may not be accustomed to eating breakfast but have to have that cup of coffee first thing every morning. Then we stop by Wal-Mart for a quick visit to pick up supplies we need at the office. It is not uncommon, when going somewhere, to make [Read more…]

Communication—A Major Tool For Success


The most powerful asset we have as sales people is the ability to communicate. This is also an asset that most sales people have never developed. Sales people need to have the ability to communicate with people they have never spoken with before if they wish to become successful. Proper communication requires much practice before you can realign your comfort zone. When talking with total strangers, the fact that one can never know how the person you’re contacting will react to you, creates a bit of fear. Yes I said fear. If you were to survey 100 people in real estate sales, asking them if they have any fear when calling people they’ve never talked with, you would probably get a 100% reply, “I Have No Fear.” I find it amazing how many people have no fear of calling strangers yet they can find so many other things to do to occupy their time so there’s no time left for meeting new prospects.

This reminds me of the 80/20 rule which states that we spend 80% of our work time doing things that produces 20% of our income. [Read more…]

Are You in Focus?


I’m no whiz at photography but even I can look through a camera lens and tell if an image is in or out of focus. The reason I can tell is because I am forced into seeing only the image through a tiny lens. One eye is closed and the other is looking into the camera lens. When the image is out-of-focus we can make a small adjustment with the lens to bring the image into focus. Simple; right?

So it is with a sales career, regardless of the industry in which we work. It has been said about many children, because they have a friendly, out-going personality, they will make a good salesperson some day. Personality is helpful in sales but it is not the ingredient that determines ones success. It has been said that a salesperson is born with the abilities to become successful. I totally agree on one hand but strongly disagree on the other. Salespeople aren’t born salespeople. Salespeople are developed through a desire to succeed in the field of sales. We are all born with the abilities to sell. We simply don’t use those abilities.  Most people never have the desire to sell therefore they never hone their skills for selling.

What does a successful sales person look like? [Read more…]