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Last week we had a Summit for the Distinguished Real Estate Instructors in St. Louis, Mo. In attendance were the most outstanding real estate educators across the county; from Florida to Canada, Maine to California and all states between. One of the topics discussed was judicial rulings and legal discussions concerning the legalities surrounding the use of e-signature programs. It appears that this is a much larger issue than I initially thought.

Since my mission is to educate, train and protect real estate agents while at the same time protecting the consumer’s best interest, I feel it necessary to make everyone aware that e-signatures are [Read more…]

Farming—Step 2; Letter of Introduction

The importance of the letter of introduction The letter of introduction will require a great deal of thought and preparation. A simple letter stating your name and a little information about yourself, the company name and address and telling them you would appreciate the opportunity to be of service to them, just doesn’t cut it. This letter must grab their attention in the first couple sentences or they will trash it and you will have accomplished nothing. If your letter is well received it will make the next step much easier, however, if they perceive it as mass marketing effort, the next step automatically become much more difficult. The very appearance of this letter is so important that I suggest it should have a hand written address and return address. I believe it makes a difference when a fountain pen is used rather than a ball-point pen. We want it to be personal, and to leave an impression of great importance.

How long has it been since you used one?

Throughout this series of steps to successful farming, you will notice a close comparison and use of terminology related to row-crop farming; such as raising cotton, corn and etc.. After you have selected the farm area you want to concentrate your efforts in;  it’s now time to prepare the soil for planting. This is a very important step because it is your first contact with potential customers that own property in the subdivision or condominium complex in which you plan to earn your living. The second step is to prepare a letter of introduction of which you will mail to all owners in your farm area.

The importance of the letter of introduction

The letter of introduction will require a great deal of thought and preparation. A simple letter stating your name and a little information about yourself, the company name and address and telling them you would appreciate the opportunity to be of service to them, just doesn’t cut it. [Read more…]

The Process for Listing your Home for Sale

Cluttered -vs- Appealing

Selling your home is a very simple process isn’t? You simple contact a real estate agent, tell them what you want for your home and they list it. Correct? No it’s not quite that simple even though you won’t have any trouble finding a Realtor® to list it for you. Buying and selling real estate is one of the largest financial decisions most people make during their life-time. Both are very legalistic processes.  Every action we take is based on own personal decision that we make which have consequences. Those consequences can be either good or bad. Since selling a home could affect you financially for years to come, we need to make sure all our decisions provide favorable consequences.  A few weeks ago I wrote about the process of buying real estate so today I want to address the process of selling a home.

 Selecting a Realtor

First and foremost select a Realtor® who has a good reputation, is honest, trustworthy, and has integrity. Another important character you should look for is someone who doesn’t tell you what you want to hear, but instead, tells you what you need to hear. After interviewing several Realtors®, select one that you feel you can openly communicate with and hire them to represent your best financial interests. This is generally done by entering into as agency agreement for that agent/broker/agency to represent you. If you don’t thoroughly understand the relationship, ask them to explain it until you do understand. [Read more…]


How Are Your Communication Skills

It sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? You can actually have clients that will stay with you for the rest of their life. Not only will they stay with you but they’ll also send you referrals. I will share with you six easy steps that will ensure that happens for you.

Step One

Have a sit-down consultation with them. I often refer to this as a meaningful conversation. Some people might call this a “Come to Jesus” meeting. Regardless what you call it, you need to converse with your prospect in such a way that the prospect understands that your main interest is in them and their best financial interests rather than your main interest being in selling them a property.

The best way to accomplish this is to explain to them that since you don’t know anything about them, or they you, that you would like to put the transaction aside for a moment to allow you to get to know each other. Direct your questions about them personally. These are people that you want to establish a relationship with and hopefully will become your best friends. Find out such things like

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Establishing Relationships

Relationships--A Pleasant Experience

People buy retail items from total strangers without giving it a second thought.

Generally the sales person is only collecting money for goods they have. It requires a minimum amount of trust. With very expensive items such as cars and jewelry, buyers are a little more skeptical and even distrusting. People buying real estate are in many cases, making the largest financial investment in their life. They need help from someone who possesses knowledge of real estate values and can guide them through the process of buying. They want to deal with professional people with integrity, which they can trust.  They buy through people they have established a relationship with.

There are many ways to create a first step to a relationship…

but they all begin with us giving of ourselves. We pass up opportunities every day of our life to begin a relationship with people. It’s either because we don’t want to have a relationship with them, or we fear possible failure in making that first move. We need to understand that the initial move toward a relationship beginning is a simple action. It might be as simple as opening a door for someone, or asking someone for directions to a particular place.

Relationships begin with an introduction.

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Things A Buyer Should Know About Agency

What Kind Of Relationship Is This

According to Statutory Law of the State of Alabama, A real estate broker is a fiduciary and holds a position of trust and confidence. He cannot put himself in a position antagonistic to his principal’s interest, by fraudulent conduct, acting adversely to his client’s interests, or by failing to communicate information he may possess or acquire which is or may be material to his employer’s advantage, or otherwise.

The most significant word in this statement is “employer.” This is what so many agents don’t seem to understand. It’s so important I constantly hold CE classes teaching Agency. Agency is all about relationships and responsibilities. Agency has multiple connotations but let’s focus on relationships.

Before there can be a relationship between the broker and consumer, [Read more…]