How to Get Your Clients to Call You

First it is imperative to have a complete consultation with a new prospective client as soon as you meet them. You are possibly entering into a business relationship so both parties need to know what to expect from the other party. You both need to know the preferred method for communicating and make sure each has the others cell phone number. If you wish to represent a person in buying a new home, you really need to know more than the basic number of bedrooms and the amount they want to invest. Both the agent and the buyer need to know how the other person feels about certain things. This has to happen before there is any semblance of trust which is necessary to have a lasting relationship.

Is she Calling You or Your Competition?

It is an eerie feeling when you have requested a prospective home buyer to return your call or to respond to your email and you don’t hear a word from them. What are you supposed to think? I can tell you from my experience that many thoughts run through your mind. You might wonder where they are, why haven’t they called, did I do or say something to offend them, are they talking with another agent, are they trying to go around me to save a commission? These are very legitimate thoughts because you don’t know these people and they don’t know you. You may have only spoken to them one time and then, for whatever reason, can’t seem to connect with them again.

Let’s evaluate our previous conversation with that particular prospective client. Exactly how easy did you make it for them to remember your name? Did you give them a business card or was that one of the prospects that you told you were out of cards? Did you give everyone, husband and wife, parents or friends, a business card or did you just hand one to the man. Did you have a meaningful consultation with the prospect so they fully understood the buying process?  Let’s look at a few ways to make it easier for our prospects to remember us and to contact us.

First it is imperative to have a complete consultation with a new prospective client as soon as you meet them. You are possibly entering into a business relationship so both parties need to know what to expect from the other party. [Read more…]

Finding Prospects is Easier Than You Think

Prospective Clients Are Everywhere

Some real estate agents are in awe as to how many clients some agents have to work with, when they themselves have only a couple prospects. How did they come by so many prospects? Is it because their company is so much better or more proficient than mine? No to the last question. Ten thousand times no! If one goes to work for a particular real estate agency thinking they are going to provide you lots of listing and sales opportunities, you have a sad awakening ahead. No one gives you anything in this industry.

Real estate agents are self-employed; independent contractors; working for themselves; making their own decisions, and are in total control of their own destiny. Sure you have to work under the supervision of a qualifying broker, but the broker only provides you the opportunity work in the industry as you see fit. Matter of fact, since you are an independent contractor, the broker is limited as to the demands he can make of you. He can demand that you work legally, ethically, and within the company policy, rules and regulations. Otherwise you are on your own.

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Communication—A Major Tool For Success


The most powerful asset we have as sales people is the ability to communicate. This is also an asset that most sales people have never developed. Sales people need to have the ability to communicate with people they have never spoken with before if they wish to become successful. Proper communication requires much practice before you can realign your comfort zone. When talking with total strangers, the fact that one can never know how the person you’re contacting will react to you, creates a bit of fear. Yes I said fear. If you were to survey 100 people in real estate sales, asking them if they have any fear when calling people they’ve never talked with, you would probably get a 100% reply, “I Have No Fear.” I find it amazing how many people have no fear of calling strangers yet they can find so many other things to do to occupy their time so there’s no time left for meeting new prospects.

This reminds me of the 80/20 rule which states that we spend 80% of our work time doing things that produces 20% of our income. [Read more…]

The Oldest Method for Lead Generation Still Works

Personal Introduction

If you were to ask a thousand real estate agents, “Do you have enough clients to produce the income you need to reach your goals,” I’m almost positive you would get a big “NO” very quickly, from the vast majority. Before a sale can be made, or a property can be listed, an agent must find someone that is interested in buying or selling real estate.  During the 1970’s through the 80’s, the term for finding customers was “Prospecting.” The primary techniques used in prospecting were “Cold Calling” and “Door Knocking.” Cold Calling was performed by taking a phone directory, and page by page, calling people to see if there were interested in buying or selling real estate. Today the terminology has changed to “Telemarketing.” During the same time period, door knocking was the most feared technique used for prospecting.  I’ll never forget my earliest experiences in door knowing. I would ring the door bell and run back to car before they could come to the door. When I could get enough courage I’d try again. One morning I started to ring a door bell and the door popped open. I had no choice but to give the lady my spill. She informed me they were going to move and wanted to sell their house. I set up an appointment for 7pm that night and was able to list their home. I learned from that experience that not everyone you talk to is interested in buying or selling real estate but some are. I learned that I have to get through the “No” in order to reach the “Yes.”

My early experiences helped me realize that finding new people to work with wasn’t that difficult. Prospects were literally everywhere. [Read more…]