Getting the Most from Mold Remediation


 Controlling Moisture   Fix leaks.  Under sinks, in air conditioning condensate lines, ice machines.   Make sure windows and doors close tightly and don’t leak damp air inside We have seen big mold problems develop in locations where the outside damp air was pulled into the structure for a week because a sliding glass door or window was not completely closed.   Quickly (24-48 hours or less) get moving on correcting water damages caused by water intrusions from the above leaks. Associations need to have the ability to begin mitigating water damages in a condo because they often affect others in the same building.   Keep it dry,  Make sure the air conditioning system is working correctly and RUNS.  Remember mold can grow at 60% relative humidity and around here that’s most of the year.  In beach front condos your unit is  insulated by your neighbors condos and how hot or cold they keep their unit can have and effect on yours, and whether your thermostat ever senses it’s hot enough to turn on the unit and cool and dehumidify the condo

Can’t be seen with the necked eye

Since we are located in a coastal area, moisture and mold is a real problem. I asked a friend of mine, Michael Conroy with “Expert Dry” for the rights to publish the article below. I think you will find it most interesting and helpful.


Getting the most out of mold remediation is like telling someone how to enjoy a root canal.  Professionals should do both processes, as painlessly and efficiently as possible and at a fair price but who wants to go there anyway?

Rather than first discuss the blissful benefits of mold remediation lets discuss how to avoid them if possible first.

Mold Needs Moisture, proper temperature and a food source to grow and develop.

Of these three above requirements we can only really control one

1.All of the built structures are constructed of organic materials.  Wood, natural fabrics, drywall,  particle board and even the “bio-film” that sticks to concrete and glass or tile are mold food. [Read more…]

Sidetracked by the Holidays

Traditional Holiday Meal

Traditional Holiday Meal

This is the time of the year that sales people get sidetracked by all the holiday festivities and then when the holidays are over, they wonder what happened to their income.  Sale markets drastically respond differently to the holidays. Some markets thieve during the holidays while other markets seem to die. Real estate sales aren’t affected that much but those that are in the looking stage will most likely postpone looking until the holidays are over. With shopping to do, and parties to go to, there is hardly time to spare for talking to a real estate agent. Most real estate agents consider the holiday season as a viable excuse for not selling during this time of the year.  The more experienced, more successful agents view this time of the year as greatly improved opportunities to establish a meaningful relationship.

Have you ever noticed that people in general are much nicer, and friendlier from Thanksgiving through Christmas, and even New Year’s? I’m not sure why but during this time of the year, people seem to be more thoughtful of others and less quick to express their anger or short tempers. This is a perfect time for me to talk to new prospective buyers for the first time. They may be too busy for an extended conversation but they are in a very receptive mood for an introduction phone call. Such a call might sound something like this.

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Finding Prospects is Easier Than You Think

Prospective Clients Are Everywhere

Some real estate agents are in awe as to how many clients some agents have to work with, when they themselves have only a couple prospects. How did they come by so many prospects? Is it because their company is so much better or more proficient than mine? No to the last question. Ten thousand times no! If one goes to work for a particular real estate agency thinking they are going to provide you lots of listing and sales opportunities, you have a sad awakening ahead. No one gives you anything in this industry.

Real estate agents are self-employed; independent contractors; working for themselves; making their own decisions, and are in total control of their own destiny. Sure you have to work under the supervision of a qualifying broker, but the broker only provides you the opportunity work in the industry as you see fit. Matter of fact, since you are an independent contractor, the broker is limited as to the demands he can make of you. He can demand that you work legally, ethically, and within the company policy, rules and regulations. Otherwise you are on your own.

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Just Tell It Like It Is

Disclose RECAD & Caveat Emptor in first conversation

The most important fact

an Alabama real estate agent can share with prospective buyers and sellers of real property in Alabama is that Alabama laws are different than most other states. Especially those states adjacent to Alabama because industry standards tend to spread across state lines. Alabama is a “Caveat Emptor” state. This simply means “buyer beware!”  To be more precise, Alabama is a modified Caveat Emptor state; because it exempts “New Homes” from Caveat Emptor. New homes are warranted by the builder while secondary (pre-existing) or used homes are not warranted by anyone. The purpose of “Caveat Emptor” is to notify the buyer that it is his responsibility to have the proper inspections performed on a home before they actually close on the sale. The buyer is not to rely on the seller to disclose all imperfections of a property, when making a decision whether to buy or not to buy.

Due to influence of markets in other states, some brokerage firms require their seller to complete a “Sellers Disclosure” form at the point of listing. [Read more…]

Convert Leads to Clients

Personalities Transfer Over The Phone

There are an unlimited number of ways to generate new leads for people wanting to buy or sell real estate. The most popular way in today’s market is internet generated leads. This is largely due to the number of people searching the internet to better educate themselves on real estate values. Through their searches, their contact information is captured creating a lead. In turn these leads are sold directly or indirectly to real estate agents as prospective buyers or sellers. Since most real estate agents have their own business website, searchers will sometimes be captured and processed as possible leads.

Regardless how leads are captured and passed on to real estate agents, they are totally worthless unless they are personally contacted and verified as a bonafied buyer or seller. This is the point that a perfected system falls apart. [Read more…]

“CAUTION”—Realtors ® pay attention

Caution--Realtors pay attention

When In Doubt Disclose

I am writing to all Realtors® because I see constant violations of laws, rules, regulations, and ethics of both State of Alabama and the federal government. To use one of my favorite phrases, “if you’re driving down a highway and look in the rear view mirror to see a blue light flashing; it’s too late to be concerned about how fast you were driving. The damage has already been done.” So it is in the practice of real estate. Once you receive a citation for a violation, you will have to suffer the consequences. You can’t simply say, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know I was violating a law.”  Realtors® are professional members of the largest industry in the world. We are supposed to know the laws that govern us and abide by them.

The things I consistently see real estate agents violate in disclosure laws [Read more…]