A Special Thanks to All AREI Students

ChristmasThe number of students we service on an annual basis are increasing at an astronomical rate. I give all the credit to you. It is because of your patronage and loyal support that Alabama Real Estate Institute has become one of the largest and most highly decorated real estate schools in the state, recognized for it’s outstanding performance.

Students completing Sales or Broker Prelicense, Post License, Continuing Education, Reciprocal License from another states or [Read more…]

Who Needs A Personal Coach and For How Long?

One On One Coaching

One On One Coaching

It is imperative that you understand we are referring to people whose career is in sales. With that in mind, this is the simplest question I ever have to answer. Since this is a two part question, I will first focus on who needs a coach. Everyone who aspires to reach a higher level of excellence should have a coach. All professional business people that is sincere about growing their business. Any individual who truly desires to excel in anything they choose to do; whether in sports, work, religion, or anything that is measurable; they need a personal coach.

Part two of the question can probably be best answered with one word; forever! I don’t mean for this to sound offensive, and if it happens to offend anyone, please forgive me for I don’t know of any other way to state it. It seems that only the already successful people comprehend the concept of personalized coaching. [Read more…]

You Can Have Anything You Want if You…..

It Is So Hard to Decide

It Is So Hard to Decide

I can personally guarantee that someone who read this, if not a lot of people who read it will totally disagree with this statement, “You can have anything you want if you want it bad enough.” Even if you disagree, the statement is accurate 99% of the time. We pretty much do what we want to do all the time. Some will say, “I don’t want to go to work but I have too.” No, we don’t have to go to work if we don’t want to. We do, however, have to accept the consequences that come from not working. If we elect not to work, then we won’t receive a pay check. It’s just that simple. Which do we want more? We are a people of choice in that we decide for ourselves our wants, our desires, and our needs. Life is filled with choices we have to make and each decision results in a consequence; whether good or bad. We simply must evaluate each situation prior to making a decision and determine which consequence is best, or most desirable to us.

One of the most common complaints that arises in my sales training classes are, “I didn’t do my assignment because I ran out of time.” My reply to them is, “Whose fault is that?” It certainly isn’t mine. Time management is a problem that every sales person has to work on every day. It’s like a cancer. If we don’t manage our time very closely, our time will be eaten up and we won’t accomplish the things that might be most important to us. [Read more…]

Overcoming Adversities

Wasted Time is an Adversity

Wasted Time is an Adversity

The greatest adversity sales people face is of their own making.  To better understand our topic, let’s define adversity? According to Webster, it is a state, condition, or instance of serious or continued difficulty or adverse fortune. I don’t want us to focus on life-threatening adversities but rather daily life-altering adversities. Every day we allow things and/or people to interfere with our completing certain tasks in a specified time frame. All be it a very innocent interruption, it still happened and that time is gone forever. As a trainer and productivity coach, I battle with time management and communication skills on a daily basis. I am constantly asked for help on these two issues. These two areas are probably the most important segments of a career in sales. I would almost say that time management is the main factor that causes sales people to be less successful than they are capable of becoming. Time is the most important part of our lives and we treat it with the least amount of respect.

People are created as individuals of choice. We choose what we want to do and what we don’t want to do, in almost everything. My students vigorously disagree with me about having a choice about everything they do. Their argument is they have to earn a living therefore they went to work rather than staying at home which is what they’d really like to do. Well, I totally understand their point of view but why do we work to begin with? Is anyone holding a gun to our head, making us go to work?  I think not.

I work because I chose to get married and have a family. Not only do I have the responsibility to provide for my family, but because I love them, I want to provide them the necessities of life and give them things that make life more enjoyable. [Read more…]

Four Divisions of A Successful Career

Divided We Stand

A few days ago I was watching a training film by a prominent coach in the PGA circuit. He began breaking down the golf game into four major areas that good golfers need to focus on. As I listened to him strategically break down each area, I began to notice the same characteristics for a professional sales career. As a productivity coach in the real estate industry, I have several steps for taking agents from the very beginning to the point of reaching a successful level in sales production. All of those steps can be incorporated into the same four basic divisions he used to describe the game of golf. The more I began to analyze what he was saying, the more I began to see that these divisions apply to life in general. They would be the same areas anyone would need to focus on if they wanted to attain success. Isn’t it strange that we have a tendency to complicate things until someone simplifies it for us? [Read more…]

Creating A Business Plan (Part One)


Success is all about realistic expectations, regardless of the industry in which you work. For some reason people enter real estate sales without giving careful thought to their income expectations. I think it is because they see real estate as being a lucrative profession. They see names on “For Sale” signs all over town and equate those signs with success. Then they rationalize if they got a position with the same agency, they too would be able to do the same thing. Many people work around very successful sales people that can never seem to get their career moving in a profitable direction. I place most of the blame on the qualifying broker for the agency because they haven’t provided proper training.

Real estate sales are a business. Agents are independent contractors, working for themself under the umbrella of an agency. Like starting any new business, the first step is to set realistic expectations which are done by completing a business plan. How can you know what you need to do until you know what you want to accomplish? [Read more…]