Staging For A Quick Sale

The house is unfurnished and we’re having a little difficulty visualizing what the house would look like completely furnished and well decorated. These room sizes look smaller than the rooms in our house. I’m not sure our furniture will properly fit in some of these rooms and still have sufficient walking space. We do have a couple pieces of furniture that is uncommonly oversize. We tell our agent we like the house but we need to think it over and we also need to go back home and measure some furniture.

Eloquently Decorated

There are vacant homes in every market place and they are extremely difficult to sell as a general rule. Statistics show that vacant houses typically sell for up to 20 percent below asking price and they take 30 to 90 days longer to sell than a comparable house that is furnished. I have heard agents use the fact that a house is unfurnished as a selling point, “Mr. Buyer, this house is just what you need; it’s empty and ready to move into.”

Let’s pretend for a moment that we are the customer interested in buying a house with certain requirements as to area, school district, size of house and etc. The agent calls us and very excitingly says, “I think I found the perfect house for you based on the specific requirements you gave me.”  The showing appointment is set. When we arrive at the house, we are pleasantly surprised. It appears that our agent has found exactly what we wanted. The subdivision is well maintained and demonstrates pride of ownership. The house has great curb-appeal and has some unique details that other houses in the subdivision don’t have. We enter the house and find a layout that meets our family needs. [Read more…]

Pride of Ownership

You have a beautiful home!

You have a beautiful home!

Most people have some sense of pride in some or all aspects of their daily activities. Because of my religious upbringing, the passage in the bible referring to pride comes to mind.  I John 2:16 says, “For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world.” I want us to examine pride of ownership as it relates to sales; specifically to real estate sales.

First let’s look at the important role that pride plays into a successful automobile sale. Auto sales people play on your pride from the time you drive on their lot. Why do we need all the extras; if it were not for pride? What if you went to an automobile dealership and told them you wanted to pay cash for a new car and the only extra you wanted was [Read more…]

It’s Your Little Red Wagon…..You Have to Pull it!

Red Wagon

All Choices Have Consequences

If you are anywhere near my age you will have heard the phrase, “It’s your little red wagon, and you have to pull it.”  There’s another phrase used for the same meaning; “If you make your own bed, then you have to lie in it.” Both phrases are generally used to express that everyone must be accountable for their own actions. When I was growing up on the farm I heard these phrases a lot. I was always bringing home some type of strange animal that I wanted to keep for a pet. Mama would say when you have your own home, you can do whatever you want to, but I won’t have these animals in my home. Her statement had basically the same connotation as the other two phrases. I was a hand-full as a child. I didn’t get into bad trouble but I was constantly getting into mischief. I am so thankful for the lesson’s my parents taught me because I use them every day. [Read more…]