Special Town Hall Meeting

June 13, 2017 9-11 am

Orange Beach Community Center
Orange Beach, Al. 36561

What do we really know?

Knowing the letter of the law is not anyone’s favorite part of selling real estate, but it is arguably one of the most important parts of our job. Though we all work and act in ways that we believe to be appropriate and within the legal guidelines, too often agents are unknowingly breaking laws.

Creatures of habit

We are creatures of habit. We do things a certain way because that’s the way we have always done it. We may not even know why we do things a certain way but we certainly don’t want to change. To change would get us out of our comfort zone.

A Town Hall style meeting

Alabama Real Estate Institute is always trying to provide the best quality information available. We strive to stay abreast of the most current laws affecting the real estate industry and then we pass that knowledge on to our students. This is the reason we decided to have this “town hall” style meeting. Politicians use this type venue to get their message out and to gain support. So I decided to try it.

Attorney General speaks out

The main speaker for our meeting is Mr. Chris Booth. He is an Attorney General, appointed by the Governor of Alabama. He is also the senior counsel for the Alabama Real Estate Commission. I view him as the person that will prosecute us if we violate the state licensing law, and he is the one that will defend us when we’re in the right. Therefore, when he speaks, we should listen. During this meeting we will learn things that are not printed in articles.

Some of the topics discussed

Topics that will be covered in this town hall meeting are listed below; plus questions that you may want answers to.

  • Complaints received by the legal department of the real estate commission
  • What cost should be included in an estimated closing statement
  • Recovery fund verses E & O Insurance
  • Disclosure of caveat emptor and agency at initial contact
  • Power of Code of Ethics compared to the law
  • Property management issues and agent rentals
  • Disclosure of earnest money not collected
  • Real estate signs on non-listed property
  • RECAD and estimated closing statements as they relate to commercial property
  • Receipt of commissions bypassing the broker
  • Concessions and compensation as an inducement to purchase

It cost nothing for you to attend with the exception of your time. Breakfast type food will be provided at not cost to you. We do, however, ask that you RSVP me so I can save you a seat and make sure we have something for you to eat.

Please make sure you thank these sponsors for helping make this meeting possible.

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Reflecting on Our Freedoms

Let's Stand United

Let’s Stand United

We should always appreciate our freedom and understand the sacrifices that were made so we could have those freedoms. We take our freedom for granted because the sacrifices are so far removed from us we can’t see the wounded and feel the pain. We don’t know the fear of having someone shoot at us; nor the extended time of restlessness staying alert of the possibilities of where a shooter might hide to ambush us.

The last war fought on American soil was so long ago that very few people living today had relatives that fought in that war so they could tell us stories  and paint verbal pictures of the pain that existed. War is always devastatingly painful for the ones that both win and lose battles and they have to pay a huge price.

I am terribly concerned that Americans have become so focused on their personal rights, getting something for doing nothing, and generally not concerned about the laws that our Country was founded upon. There is a God! He is not a figment of our imagination. He is not a higher power that weak people need to look to for help. He is real! God allows us to make choices in our life but there will be a day of reckoning; a day when we all give an account for every action we take and for every word spoken. [Read more…]