The Battles We Fight

People are competitive by nature. But, competition doesn’t justify the continuation of a war fought 150 years ago. Football is the favorite sport of most American families. At the end of each season, there will be bowl games pitting the North against the South; the Blue against the Grey; the East against the West. In many cases when people have different points of view, people claim discrimination which causes a continuation of friction between Black and White. Two universities in the same state have so much hatred for each other; they pull for the schools in another state to beat their home-state school.

Why Do We Continue Fighting?

People in sales fight battles every day. Their toughest battle is within themselves, trying to stay focused on doing the things that are productive while not allowing non-productive things to consume their time. Seldom do I write off-the-wall articles or share my views on political issues but I feel compelled to write about this because not only does it relate to sales people, but it relates to people in general.

It has been almost 150 years since the Civil War and the battle is still being fought today. I’m not referring to race but to life in general. The American Civil War began in 1861 between the “Union,” the “North” and the “Confederacy” the “South.” Over 600,000 Americans died in this war to abolish slavery. The war ended in 1865, officially, but the losses were so great that a semi-silent war has continued until this day. Bear with me for a moment and you’ll see where I’m going.

The North has always had industrial manufacturing which provided its wealth. The South found solace through religion while laboring on farms and lower wage jobs. The people in the North speak directly, straight forward, which seems offensive to their southern counterpart. People from the South [Read more…]

Changes in Latitude Changes the Attitude

Only You Control Your Attitude

Only You Control Your Attitude

Sometime back in the 1970’s or maybe 80’s there was a country music song titled; “Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitude” became popular with artist/song writer Jimmy Buffett. When I listen to songs I don’t hear the lyrics; I only hear the music. This makes it very difficult to sing along so many times, I make up my own words and they don’t always make sense. For some reason this song stuck in my head as “Changes in Latitude Changes the Attitude.” For some 30 years now I have referred to this song title in my motivational speeches where “Attitudes” determines ones success or failure. In reality there is no correlation between the two but it is forever branded on my mind.

Ever since I started training sales people back in the 70’s, my motivational speeches always begin with the fact that we determine our own outcomes. The difference maker is always the individual’s attitude. Our attitudes are the mental focal point for our every action. James Allen authored a book that I should be paid royalties for because I have been quoting him and suggesting people purchase his book for many years. The book is titled; [Read more…]