Getting the Most from Mold Remediation


 Controlling Moisture   Fix leaks.  Under sinks, in air conditioning condensate lines, ice machines.   Make sure windows and doors close tightly and don’t leak damp air inside We have seen big mold problems develop in locations where the outside damp air was pulled into the structure for a week because a sliding glass door or window was not completely closed.   Quickly (24-48 hours or less) get moving on correcting water damages caused by water intrusions from the above leaks. Associations need to have the ability to begin mitigating water damages in a condo because they often affect others in the same building.   Keep it dry,  Make sure the air conditioning system is working correctly and RUNS.  Remember mold can grow at 60% relative humidity and around here that’s most of the year.  In beach front condos your unit is  insulated by your neighbors condos and how hot or cold they keep their unit can have and effect on yours, and whether your thermostat ever senses it’s hot enough to turn on the unit and cool and dehumidify the condo

Can’t be seen with the necked eye

Since we are located in a coastal area, moisture and mold is a real problem. I asked a friend of mine, Michael Conroy with “Expert Dry” for the rights to publish the article below. I think you will find it most interesting and helpful.


Getting the most out of mold remediation is like telling someone how to enjoy a root canal.  Professionals should do both processes, as painlessly and efficiently as possible and at a fair price but who wants to go there anyway?

Rather than first discuss the blissful benefits of mold remediation lets discuss how to avoid them if possible first.

Mold Needs Moisture, proper temperature and a food source to grow and develop.

Of these three above requirements we can only really control one

1.All of the built structures are constructed of organic materials.  Wood, natural fabrics, drywall,  particle board and even the “bio-film” that sticks to concrete and glass or tile are mold food. [Read more…]

The Battles We Fight

People are competitive by nature. But, competition doesn’t justify the continuation of a war fought 150 years ago. Football is the favorite sport of most American families. At the end of each season, there will be bowl games pitting the North against the South; the Blue against the Grey; the East against the West. In many cases when people have different points of view, people claim discrimination which causes a continuation of friction between Black and White. Two universities in the same state have so much hatred for each other; they pull for the schools in another state to beat their home-state school.

Why Do We Continue Fighting?

People in sales fight battles every day. Their toughest battle is within themselves, trying to stay focused on doing the things that are productive while not allowing non-productive things to consume their time. Seldom do I write off-the-wall articles or share my views on political issues but I feel compelled to write about this because not only does it relate to sales people, but it relates to people in general.

It has been almost 150 years since the Civil War and the battle is still being fought today. I’m not referring to race but to life in general. The American Civil War began in 1861 between the “Union,” the “North” and the “Confederacy” the “South.” Over 600,000 Americans died in this war to abolish slavery. The war ended in 1865, officially, but the losses were so great that a semi-silent war has continued until this day. Bear with me for a moment and you’ll see where I’m going.

The North has always had industrial manufacturing which provided its wealth. The South found solace through religion while laboring on farms and lower wage jobs. The people in the North speak directly, straight forward, which seems offensive to their southern counterpart. People from the South [Read more…]