Loyalty; A Fiduciary Responsibility

Real estate agents from across the country prompted me to write this article. If we step back in time 50-60 years, people

were loyal to each other. They were loyal to the people they did business with. The giving and receiving of loyalty was expected. It was almost like an unwritten law of conduct. In many cases, deals were made with a handshake. No written contract was required. What happened to it?

Then came prosperity

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Unrealistic Expectations of Yourself

Is This A Quantum Leap?

Is This A Quantum Leap?

What is an unrealistic expectation anyway? Unrealistic is an adjective describing expectations as not realistic or inappropriate to reality or a fact. In other words it is something that you should not necessarily be able to attain to begin with. Expectations are the act or state of anticipation of something in the future. It is the probability an event that will occur at some point. It is assumable that general expectations will become a reality. When we look at the two words used together, it means that it is inappropriate to ever think that this task can be performed.

As a young man I could grip the front bumper of Volkswagen car and lift the front end off the ground about six inches. Fifty years later, a realistic expectation might be to firmly grip the bumper. As for lifting the front end of a Volkswagen today, that is totally unrealistic. I would even go so far as to say that it is impossible for me to perform such a task.

We perform many tasks without evaluating the difficulty and to some degree never consider the task as realistic or unrealistic. As an example let’s say that I am averaging closing one sales transaction each week. Suddenly I get distracted by attending a few training classes and my closed transactions fall way behind. In order to catch up and still be able to reach my annual goal for this year, I need to close two transactions each week for the next three months. Are my expectations realistic or unrealistic? [Read more…]