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Last week we had a Summit for the Distinguished Real Estate Instructors in St. Louis, Mo. In attendance were the most outstanding real estate educators across the county; from Florida to Canada, Maine to California and all states between. One of the topics discussed was judicial rulings and legal discussions concerning the legalities surrounding the use of e-signature programs. It appears that this is a much larger issue than I initially thought.

Since my mission is to educate, train and protect real estate agents while at the same time protecting the consumer’s best interest, I feel it necessary to make everyone aware that e-signatures are [Read more…]

Can I get out of my contract?

Can I get out of my contract?

Contracts Are Legally Enforceable

An attorney, if asked that question, would say, “Before I can answer that question I would have to see the contract and know more about your particular situation.” That sounds like a good response to me, but you can count on his answer costing you $100 or better just for consultation time. I would probably say the same thing but I can’t charge for my answer because I’m not an attorney, and my answer would only be my opinion. Let’s look at some very important facts about contracts.

First a contract, according to contract law, is a legally enforceable agreement to do (or not to do) a specific thing. The key words in this definition are “legally enforceable.”  Many of us agree to do or not to do something almost every day but if we don’t stand by our word, we can’t be forced to honor our agreement. Some contracts, in some states can be oral but then it’s one person’s word against that of someone else. Oral agreements are easily disputed and very difficult to enforce. A marriage ceremony is an oral contractual agreement and they are broken every day. So what makes a contract legally enforceable? [Read more…]