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Last week we had a Summit for the Distinguished Real Estate Instructors in St. Louis, Mo. In attendance were the most outstanding real estate educators across the county; from Florida to Canada, Maine to California and all states between. One of the topics discussed was judicial rulings and legal discussions concerning the legalities surrounding the use of e-signature programs. It appears that this is a much larger issue than I initially thought.

Since my mission is to educate, train and protect real estate agents while at the same time protecting the consumer’s best interest, I feel it necessary to make everyone aware that e-signatures are [Read more…]

Advantages of Online Education

A Change In Progress

A Change In Progress

Some people view change as exciting new possibilities. Most of us hate change. We’ve always done things a certain way and it works for us so why change?  Change is a necessity of life. If we never changed, we would still be getting around in a horse and buggy. We wouldn’t have electricity or pain killers when we go to a dentist. I think you get my drift.

Computers and the internet have changed the way business is done all over the world. Some people are barely hanging on by refusing to use a computer. They feel like they are too old to learn so they’ll keep doing it the old fashion way. In the past few years that has been possible because it takes time to get changes in place and to begin seeing the results. The real estate industry seemed to change overnight. It didn’t. It took three or four years but when it changed, it was like waking up in another world. Suddenly you realized that you could no longer practice real estate like you have done for years. The contracts, the closing process is all done on computers. It mandates that we change or we’re left behind.

Real estate education is also changing. Prelicense classes, which are state required classes, have transitioned from a classroom setting to the internet. There are a few instructors that hold prelicense classes in a classroom setting but they are few and far between and getting fewer all the time. Five or six years ago my prelicense classes were equally split between the classroom and online classes. I had no intention of discontinuing my classroom classes [Read more…]

Can I get out of my contract?

Can I get out of my contract?

Contracts Are Legally Enforceable

An attorney, if asked that question, would say, “Before I can answer that question I would have to see the contract and know more about your particular situation.” That sounds like a good response to me, but you can count on his answer costing you $100 or better just for consultation time. I would probably say the same thing but I can’t charge for my answer because I’m not an attorney, and my answer would only be my opinion. Let’s look at some very important facts about contracts.

First a contract, according to contract law, is a legally enforceable agreement to do (or not to do) a specific thing. The key words in this definition are “legally enforceable.”  Many of us agree to do or not to do something almost every day but if we don’t stand by our word, we can’t be forced to honor our agreement. Some contracts, in some states can be oral but then it’s one person’s word against that of someone else. Oral agreements are easily disputed and very difficult to enforce. A marriage ceremony is an oral contractual agreement and they are broken every day. So what makes a contract legally enforceable? [Read more…]

Real Estate Buyers – Know What You’re Signing

“AS IS” Term Can Cost You A Fortune

Real Estate Agent Didn't Tell Me

My Realtor Didn't Tell Me

I don’t mean to scare anyone but as a real estate educator, trainer, and coach, I feel a responsibility to everyone that might buy real estate in Alabama sometime in the future that you should be told about your legal rights and obligations. If you are former students of our school you should also know your fiduciary responsibilities to disclose this information to all your clients. If you are currently a Realtor® in Alabama you need to understand the seriousness of this issue too.

Two words, “As Is” are very small words but they can impact you for life. When buying real estate in Alabama, if the words “As Is” are used in the purchase agreement (sales contract), [Read more…]

Contracts To Purchase Real Estate

Real Estate Agents Want to Know

Contracts Are Legal Documents

Explain Every Detail in A Contract

One of my standard continuing education classes is Contract Law. It never fails that when I’m marketing my CE classes, people ask, “Why don’t you teach something more exciting like social networks, or something that will help us to get more business?” My come back is usually, “I have those classes in my training seminars. This is an educational course, and I promise to make it exciting.” Then I keep my word by including games that are competitive between groups, and give awards and prizes.

Class date rolls around and it’s time to begin. I pass out a class Pretest consisting of only one question; name all the elements of a legal, binding contract. [Read more…]