Continuing Education Classes for 2018

CE Classes in Orange Beach

            CE Classes in Orange Beach

CE Classes at the beach in 2018

Alabama License Law requires all licensees to renew their license prior to August 31 of the renewal year. Since licenses are renewed every other year, on even years, 2018 is our license renewal year.

Continuing Education (CE) Deadlines

Additionally, all licensees are required to complete a minimum of 15-hours continuing education between Oct. 1, 2016 and Sept. 30, 2018. If a licensee does not complete the continuing education requirements by Sept. 30, 2018, their license will automatically [Read more…]

Advantages of Online Education

A Change In Progress

A Change In Progress

Some people view change as exciting new possibilities. Most of us hate change. We’ve always done things a certain way and it works for us so why change?  Change is a necessity of life. If we never changed, we would still be getting around in a horse and buggy. We wouldn’t have electricity or pain killers when we go to a dentist. I think you get my drift.

Computers and the internet have changed the way business is done all over the world. Some people are barely hanging on by refusing to use a computer. They feel like they are too old to learn so they’ll keep doing it the old fashion way. In the past few years that has been possible because it takes time to get changes in place and to begin seeing the results. The real estate industry seemed to change overnight. It didn’t. It took three or four years but when it changed, it was like waking up in another world. Suddenly you realized that you could no longer practice real estate like you have done for years. The contracts, the closing process is all done on computers. It mandates that we change or we’re left behind.

Real estate education is also changing. Prelicense classes, which are state required classes, have transitioned from a classroom setting to the internet. There are a few instructors that hold prelicense classes in a classroom setting but they are few and far between and getting fewer all the time. Five or six years ago my prelicense classes were equally split between the classroom and online classes. I had no intention of discontinuing my classroom classes [Read more…]

Alabama Real Estate Licensing Process

If a person is considering making a career change, and are thinking about real estate, they have many questions. Even though I provide all the necessary information on my website, prospective students like a more direct explanation so here it is.

The Alabama Real Estate Commission is the state governing body that implements and enforces the Alabama License Law including rules and regulations. The law states that before an individual can sit for the state exam, they must complete a 60-Hour Sales Prelicense Course. The 60-hour in the title refers to the time that it should require to complete the course work; regardless if the class is online or in a classroom. Classroom classes are limited

[Read more…]