Secrets of Discipline

When we think of discipline we normally think in terms of disciplining our children, or we reflect on times that our parents disciplined us. Discipline is almost always considered a consequence of a result from some action that has been taken. It seems that discipline is always considered a punishment.


When we think of discipline we normally think in terms of disciplining our children, or we reflect on times that our parents disciplined us. Discipline is almost always considered a consequence of a result from some action that has been taken. It seems that discipline is always considered a punishment.

Many words have multiple meanings and uses, therefore the reader or listener determines their own perception. Hang with me for just a moment while we think about the words we use. That apple is green, when in fact, the apple is red and yellow in color and we use the word green to mean that it isn’t ripe yet. A Granny Smith apple is always green so how can we determine if it’s ripe when it doesn’t change colors. That’s simple; you bite into it and if it’s good you eat it and if not, you throw it away. We seldom say exactly what we mean; neither do we use the best word or phrase to express ourselves. Surely the weatherman doesn’t want to always sound negative but they do when they say “There is a 40% chance of rain today,” which is negative. Wouldn’t it be much more positive to say, “There is a 60% chance of no rain today?” [Read more…]

Take Aim and Fire

Taking Aim Requires Focus

Taking Aim Requires Focus

I bet you think this is going be about gun control or what President Obama is doing about taking guns out of the hands of innocent law abiding citizens but it’s not. This is a new year and if we want to have a successful sales career, we need to take aim early on doing the things we know we need to do to reach our goals. I hope you took my advice back in November and began working on your 2013 Business Plan. If you did, you know exactly how much income you produced, what your expenses were, where your business came from, and exactly what you need to do on a daily bases to achieve the goals you have set for the coming year.

I love this time of the year because it offers a time of beginning. It’s almost like saying, “well I know I screwed up last year and I didn’t do the things I knew to do, but I will do better this year.” Isn’t looking at our life retrospectively much easier than looking into the future? There are so many things in my life that I would do differently if only I could. Unfortunately we can’t go back and relive anything that has already past. What we can do, is to learn from our past mistakes and exert every effort not to make those mistakes again. Yesterday is gone forever. Today is the first day of the rest of our lives. It is our new beginning.  [Read more…]

The Hardest Nut to Crack

Are You Committed like He Is?

If you are a real estate sales person, the hardest nut to crack in your career is that of self-discipline. Since you are an independent contractor and own your own business, your days are filled with making decisions that affect the success of your entire business. Your ultimate goal is to perform tasks that produce income and to not let non-productive things hinder you from doing the productive things.

A typical day in real estate, in offices across the nation, licensed agents go to their office and drink real estate coffee, make copies on a real estate printer, have real estate conversations, speak the real estate language, and virtually accomplish very few productive things during a day. Unfortunately one can look and act like a real estate agent but that doesn’t make them successful. The vast majority of real estate agencies don’t have in-house trainers to teach agents the proper way to do the business so they can become productive. So many new agents learn from other agents in the office by hanging around the break room and copier. Learning bad habits from other agents is a poor way to learn how to list and sell real estate but this is not our topic for today.

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Creating A Business Plan (Part Six) Time Management


I hope creating a business plan has been a pleasant experience for you. I can guarantee if you carefully create a business plan and then really commit to following that plan, it will be the best financial decision you have made in your entire life. I’m sure some of the large dollar volumes you need to produce in income from listings and sales to buyers were eye opening. Realizing the time required to accomplish certain activities was shocking. At first glance some people will begin thinking negatively and assume the tasks are impossible. It’s not impossible. Matter of fact, with practice, you will be capable of doing several times as much as your goal calls for. It seems to be human nature to fear the unknown. We feel uneasy traveling roads we’ve never been down before. By the time we arrive at our destination, we realize the simplicity of the journey. I don’t know where I got it but I have a saying I use all time, “DREAM BIG & BE BOLD……..great and mighty forces will come to your aid.” Embed that thought in your mind, believe it, and there is nothing you can’t accomplish.

Creating a business plan is useless unless we commit to following that plan. The most difficult task in a business plan is “Time Management.” Today I want to share some thoughts about managing time. [Read more…]

Creating A Business Plan (Part Five)

Like a Reunion—The Plan is coming together

If you have read the last four blogs on this topic, you are getting tired of digging for information so you could follow the instructions. I know it can be difficult but if we truly manage our business the way we should, we track all this information on a weekly basis. If we don’t keep track of all our expenses and incomes, we could easily go broke before we realize what has happened. Now that you have produced all the figures, let’s put them to use in putting together a personal income plan for the next year. If you are just getting started in real estate, you can still build a income plan by basing all production strictly on your desired income goal for the coming year. Follow the instructions below for each number without jumping ahead. [Read more…]

Creating A Business Plan (Part Three)

How's Your Business Plan Progressing

Today we will continue building our business plan by honestly evaluating our past work habits, personalities, and job performance during the last year so we can realize the things we need to improve upon in the coming year. For those reading this article that reside outside Alabama, please keep in mind that Alabama law differs from surrounding states because Alabama is a “Caveat Emptor” state which places responsibilities on the purchaser to research all aspects of a property before purchasing.  This article is written specific to Alabama even though most parts of the business plan will apply to anyone, regardless where you live and work.

When working with buyers or sellers in Alabama, it is mandated by Alabama License Law, and regulated by the Alabama Real Estate Commission , that upon initial contact with a prospective buyer or seller, the agent must disclose and explain the various possible agency relationships available through their agency. This is referred to as RECAD which is an acronym for Real Estate Consumers Agency and Disclosure Act. The law states this disclosure is to take place upon initial contact, as soon as reasonably possible, and before any confidential information is exchanged. [Read more…]