Our job is to protect the consumer!


Last week we had a Summit for the Distinguished Real Estate Instructors in St. Louis, Mo. In attendance were the most outstanding real estate educators across the county; from Florida to Canada, Maine to California and all states between. One of the topics discussed was judicial rulings and legal discussions concerning the legalities surrounding the use of e-signature programs. It appears that this is a much larger issue than I initially thought.

Since my mission is to educate, train and protect real estate agents while at the same time protecting the consumer’s best interest, I feel it necessary to make everyone aware that e-signatures are [Read more…]

Hiring an Assistant


Last week I included the 80/20 rule in reference to the amount of time a successful real estate agent should spend in generating new prospective clients. I stated that one should spend 80% of their work day contacting new leads and allot 20% of the day for taking care of all other business activities. Early in a real estate career, 20% of a work day is plenty time to accomplish other business activities but once production increases, 2-3 hours a day is not enough time for listing and showing appointments. When this happens one will usually spend less time in lead generation. This is a huge mistake. Securing a client to represent (lead generating) requires more expertise than a showing appointment. Lead generation is not looking for today’s sales opportunity, but it is securing future business. If you take time away from lead generation, you are reducing future sales opportunities.

If the proper preliminary work is done, and you have had the proper conversation with the clients, any licensed person can show a property. The property speaks for itself. Let’s look at a perfect scenario with Joe representing Mr. & Mrs. Jones. [Read more…]