Loyalty; A Fiduciary Responsibility

Real estate agents from across the country prompted me to write this article. If we step back in time 50-60 years, people

were loyal to each other. They were loyal to the people they did business with. The giving and receiving of loyalty was expected. It was almost like an unwritten law of conduct. In many cases, deals were made with a handshake. No written contract was required. What happened to it?

Then came prosperity

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Developing Mental Attitudes

What Control Your Attitude?

What Control Your Attitude?

Mental attitudes might simply be how we control our minds over matter. Life itself is comprised of thousands of decisions an individual is forced to make on a daily basis. We are a people of choice. We choose what we want to do and what we don’t want to do. In so many of the decisions we face, we give them very little thought because we have made similar decisions in the past. Our minds quickly reprocess and determine the same results. We commonly refer to this as “acting without thinking.” I happen to be guilty of this a lot. That is making a snap decision without thinking it through completely. It may be similar in nature to a previous situation but when carefully thought through, there are circumstances that mandate a different result.

I think I can speak for most people when I say I seldom think about what my brain is doing. Rather than acting upon a situation, I react to the situation. There’s a huge difference between the two. To act upon a situation we would carefully consider every aspect, possible solutions, and the most probable results that would come from our actions. We call this being rational. To react to a situation, we generally move into a defensive mode, ready to argue or defend the decisions we made.

If we are awake our mind is processing something. Our brain is constantly running. It’s like the every ready bunny; it keeps going and going and going. In its quietest moment, the brain is directing bodily functions that keep us alive. We can do without a lot of body parts but the brain is absolutely necessary for our survival as a normal functioning person.  Medical journals state [Read more…]

Reflecting on Our Freedoms

Let's Stand United

Let’s Stand United

We should always appreciate our freedom and understand the sacrifices that were made so we could have those freedoms. We take our freedom for granted because the sacrifices are so far removed from us we can’t see the wounded and feel the pain. We don’t know the fear of having someone shoot at us; nor the extended time of restlessness staying alert of the possibilities of where a shooter might hide to ambush us.

The last war fought on American soil was so long ago that very few people living today had relatives that fought in that war so they could tell us stories  and paint verbal pictures of the pain that existed. War is always devastatingly painful for the ones that both win and lose battles and they have to pay a huge price.

I am terribly concerned that Americans have become so focused on their personal rights, getting something for doing nothing, and generally not concerned about the laws that our Country was founded upon. There is a God! He is not a figment of our imagination. He is not a higher power that weak people need to look to for help. He is real! God allows us to make choices in our life but there will be a day of reckoning; a day when we all give an account for every action we take and for every word spoken. [Read more…]

Changes in Latitude Changes the Attitude

Only You Control Your Attitude

Only You Control Your Attitude

Sometime back in the 1970’s or maybe 80’s there was a country music song titled; “Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitude” became popular with artist/song writer Jimmy Buffett. When I listen to songs I don’t hear the lyrics; I only hear the music. This makes it very difficult to sing along so many times, I make up my own words and they don’t always make sense. For some reason this song stuck in my head as “Changes in Latitude Changes the Attitude.” For some 30 years now I have referred to this song title in my motivational speeches where “Attitudes” determines ones success or failure. In reality there is no correlation between the two but it is forever branded on my mind.

Ever since I started training sales people back in the 70’s, my motivational speeches always begin with the fact that we determine our own outcomes. The difference maker is always the individual’s attitude. Our attitudes are the mental focal point for our every action. James Allen authored a book that I should be paid royalties for because I have been quoting him and suggesting people purchase his book for many years. The book is titled; [Read more…]

We Can Learn From Coach Nick Saban

Real Estate also requires Team-work

As a sales trainer I spend much of my time trying to motivate people. Helping them realize they truly can become what they want to be. It makes no difference whether their goals are strictly financial or they simply want to take their career to the next level. The most successful people, regardless the industry they work, all seem to possess the same characteristics. They are truly professionals at what they do. I have a deep interest in how the top 100 real estate agents in the United States perform on a daily basis. What do they do differently from the other million agents across the Country? Thorough research indicates that all the top producers use the same basic techniques. As it turns out, it isn’t rocket science. They mostly use the same techniques that have been producing results for the last forty years. In fact, it is more of a characteristic than a technique.  We see the same characteristics possessed in the sports arena.

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