Sidetracked by the Holidays

“Hello Mr. Somebody, my name is James Anderson with AREI Realty. I realize you are probably too busy to talk right now but I wanted to introduce myself and confirm your mailing address. I have a small gift that I want to send you. Is 123 Apple Ridge your best mailing address for receiving a package? I’ll be in touch with you after the holiday but I do want to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year; above all a joyous and safe Season.”

My short sample phone call took less than a minute of actual time, unless they wanted to talk longer, but the call set the tone for many future conversations. People are not only friendlier during the holiday season but they are also more receptive to gifts. Although the gift I send will only cost me a couple dollars, it is still a gift and it is something that my competitor failed to deliver on. By explaining I was sending them a package, I have created some curiosity and anticipation. Upon receiving my gift they will also notice that I have included a copy of my “Home Buyer’s Guide” which provides them some valuable knowledge about  myself, my company, and the names and addresses of people they might need to contact during the buying process; which is completely detailed step by step for easy comprehension of what they should expect. This too has some real value that you might take for granted but they will appreciate and find it most helpful. Always remember that it’s the little things we do for others that seems to be remembered most.

In no way am I suggesting that real estate agents can’t afford the time off so they can enjoy the holiday festivities. On the contrary. Block off time each day to answer your emails, respond to your clients request and block three hours to do your daily prospecting.  Then take the rest of the time to spend with your family and loved ones. By not missing your lead generation time during the holidays, you will ensure yourself to receive a pay day in the months to come. I personally found that my calling time during the holidays was more productive than other times of the year. However, I noticed that the extra time I had around home seemed to demand that I become the official taster in the kitchen. This really added pounds that I would eventually need to lose but it sure was enjoyable at the time. Nothing is more enjoyable than building precious memories while participating in family activities; especially during the holiday season.

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