Sidetracked by the Holidays

Traditional Holiday Meal

Traditional Holiday Meal

This is the time of the year that sales people get sidetracked by all the holiday festivities and then when the holidays are over, they wonder what happened to their income.  Sale markets drastically respond differently to the holidays. Some markets thieve during the holidays while other markets seem to die. Real estate sales aren’t affected that much but those that are in the looking stage will most likely postpone looking until the holidays are over. With shopping to do, and parties to go to, there is hardly time to spare for talking to a real estate agent. Most real estate agents consider the holiday season as a viable excuse for not selling during this time of the year.  The more experienced, more successful agents view this time of the year as greatly improved opportunities to establish a meaningful relationship.

Have you ever noticed that people in general are much nicer, and friendlier from Thanksgiving through Christmas, and even New Year’s? I’m not sure why but during this time of the year, people seem to be more thoughtful of others and less quick to express their anger or short tempers. This is a perfect time for me to talk to new prospective buyers for the first time. They may be too busy for an extended conversation but they are in a very receptive mood for an introduction phone call. Such a call might sound something like this.

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