Selecting A Farm Area

Real estate is very territorial. Having a license to sell real estate in Alabama permits one to sell anywhere in the state but common sense tells us we can’t provide quality service from one end of the state to the other. A person can have license in multiple states but that doesn’t mean they can provide quality service from their home town. I live in an area that only a few miles separate Florida, Alabama and Mississippi. Some people hold a license in each of those states. You can’t sufficiently service a county, not even a city within a county.

If a person really wants to be successful in selling real estate, they should select an area of a city, or a subdivision to be their territory. They are going to farm this territory by focusing all their efforts on this territory much like an agricultural farmer tends to his crops. When concentrating on a small area, one can make it a priority to learn everything about that particular area. They should become the most knowledgeable person for that area which makes them an expert. Then they can advertise that they specialize in real estate sales in that area and no one possesses more knowledge about the area. The only problem in doing this is once you make such strong statements; you must be able to back it up. Common sense tells us that if we focus on a small area, we can track sales more easily so we can have a better sense for determining the current value. In a smaller area, you can get to know, personally, everyone living in that area. I think you can see the importance of focusing your efforts on a small area compared to a larger territory.