How Is Your Prototype Working?

the success of a business depends on the quality of the mold we use. We need a business model to follow so that we can have a sense of direction we need travel in if we hope to reach our desired goal. A model helps us make the proper decisions. It provides us accountability. The model we follow should have been tried, tested, perfected and successfully used for many years. The model fits their requirements but we may have to make some adjustments for it to fit our needs.

When we first begin following a business model, it is in the prototype stage. Adjustments will be required but we must be very careful and very selective as to the changes we make. A change here and a change there and the next thing we know it doesn’t even resemble the model. The purpose in following a model is to have a positive direction that provides accountability by comparison. The more tweaking you do in your business, to get it to compare with the perfected model, the more proficient your business will become.