Special Town Hall Meeting

June 13, 2017 9-11 am

Orange Beach Community Center
Orange Beach, Al. 36561

What do we really know?

Knowing the letter of the law is not anyone’s favorite part of selling real estate, but it is arguably one of the most important parts of our job. Though we all work and act in ways that we believe to be appropriate and within the legal guidelines, too often agents are unknowingly breaking laws.

Creatures of habit

We are creatures of habit. We do things a certain way because that’s the way we have always done it. We may not even know why we do things a certain way but we certainly don’t want to change. To change would get us out of our comfort zone.

A Town Hall style meeting

Alabama Real Estate Institute is always trying to provide the best quality information available. We strive to stay abreast of the most current laws affecting the real estate industry and then we pass that knowledge on to our students. This is the reason we decided to have this “town hall” style meeting. Politicians use this type venue to get their message out and to gain support. So I decided to try it.

Attorney General speaks out

The main speaker for our meeting is Mr. Chris Booth. He is an Attorney General, appointed by the Governor of Alabama. He is also the senior counsel for the Alabama Real Estate Commission. I view him as the person that will prosecute us if we violate the state licensing law, and he is the one that will defend us when we’re in the right. Therefore, when he speaks, we should listen. During this meeting we will learn things that are not printed in articles.

Some of the topics discussed

Topics that will be covered in this town hall meeting are listed below; plus questions that you may want answers to.

  • Complaints received by the legal department of the real estate commission
  • What cost should be included in an estimated closing statement
  • Recovery fund verses E & O Insurance
  • Disclosure of caveat emptor and agency at initial contact
  • Power of Code of Ethics compared to the law
  • Property management issues and agent rentals
  • Disclosure of earnest money not collected
  • Real estate signs on non-listed property
  • RECAD and estimated closing statements as they relate to commercial property
  • Receipt of commissions bypassing the broker
  • Concessions and compensation as an inducement to purchase

It cost nothing for you to attend with the exception of your time. Breakfast type food will be provided at not cost to you. We do, however, ask that you RSVP me so I can save you a seat and make sure we have something for you to eat.

Please make sure you thank these sponsors for helping make this meeting possible.

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A Day In Court Rated AAA+ by Realtors

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New CE Requirements

All licensees must complete Risk Management Avoiding Violations and either Risk Management for Salespersons or Risk Management for Brokers. All brokers must complete Risk Management Avoiding Violations and Risk Management for Brokers.

Since most people want to complete all their CE requirements at the same time, we have made that possible by offering all required courses on the same day.

We are very excited about the one-of-kind elective course “A Day In Court.” It promises to be fun, exciting, educational and one that will form memories for a lifetime.

Day One A Day In Court 9am-4pm 6 Hrs. CE Credits $60  
Day Two Risk Management…. Avoiding Violations 8am11pm 3 Hrs. CE Credits $30  
Day Two Risk Management for Salesperson 11am-3pm 3 Hrs. CE Credits $30  
Day Two Risk Management for Brokers 3pm-6pm 3 Hrs. CE Credits $30  

10 Minute Break Each Hour and One Hour Lunch Break Both Days

Special Note: Salespeople taking Risk Management for Brokers will help a salesperson realize the legal liabilities that are placed on the qualifying broker. Additionally, by taking three different Risk Management classes, the salesperson should be well prepared to limit their liabilities while protecting their clients best financial interests.

Class Dates

July 9-10 July 23-24 Aug. 6-7 Aug. 20-21 Sept. 3-4  Sept. 17-18

To register for these classes send an email to Jame@AlabamaRealEstateInstitute.com and give the name, date your cell phone number. You can pay and register the day of class.

NOTE: Make sure you bring your real estate license number to class because I can’t issue your CE credits without it.


Location: Class will be held at the Orange Beach Community Center, 27235 Canal Rd. 36561

For additional information call James Anderson (251) 979-2530. I look forward to seeing you in class.

Alabama Real Estate Institute–PO Box 2115, 416 E. Laruel Ave., Foley, Al. 36535



Getting the Most from Mold Remediation


 Controlling Moisture   Fix leaks.  Under sinks, in air conditioning condensate lines, ice machines.   Make sure windows and doors close tightly and don’t leak damp air inside We have seen big mold problems develop in locations where the outside damp air was pulled into the structure for a week because a sliding glass door or window was not completely closed.   Quickly (24-48 hours or less) get moving on correcting water damages caused by water intrusions from the above leaks. Associations need to have the ability to begin mitigating water damages in a condo because they often affect others in the same building.   Keep it dry,  Make sure the air conditioning system is working correctly and RUNS.  Remember mold can grow at 60% relative humidity and around here that’s most of the year.  In beach front condos your unit is  insulated by your neighbors condos and how hot or cold they keep their unit can have and effect on yours, and whether your thermostat ever senses it’s hot enough to turn on the unit and cool and dehumidify the condo

Can’t be seen with the necked eye

Since we are located in a coastal area, moisture and mold is a real problem. I asked a friend of mine, Michael Conroy with “Expert Dry” for the rights to publish the article below. I think you will find it most interesting and helpful.


Getting the most out of mold remediation is like telling someone how to enjoy a root canal.  Professionals should do both processes, as painlessly and efficiently as possible and at a fair price but who wants to go there anyway?

Rather than first discuss the blissful benefits of mold remediation lets discuss how to avoid them if possible first.

Mold Needs Moisture, proper temperature and a food source to grow and develop.

Of these three above requirements we can only really control one

1.All of the built structures are constructed of organic materials.  Wood, natural fabrics, drywall,  particle board and even the “bio-film” that sticks to concrete and glass or tile are mold food. [Read more…]

Advantages of Online Education

A Change In Progress

A Change In Progress

Some people view change as exciting new possibilities. Most of us hate change. We’ve always done things a certain way and it works for us so why change?  Change is a necessity of life. If we never changed, we would still be getting around in a horse and buggy. We wouldn’t have electricity or pain killers when we go to a dentist. I think you get my drift.

Computers and the internet have changed the way business is done all over the world. Some people are barely hanging on by refusing to use a computer. They feel like they are too old to learn so they’ll keep doing it the old fashion way. In the past few years that has been possible because it takes time to get changes in place and to begin seeing the results. The real estate industry seemed to change overnight. It didn’t. It took three or four years but when it changed, it was like waking up in another world. Suddenly you realized that you could no longer practice real estate like you have done for years. The contracts, the closing process is all done on computers. It mandates that we change or we’re left behind.

Real estate education is also changing. Prelicense classes, which are state required classes, have transitioned from a classroom setting to the internet. There are a few instructors that hold prelicense classes in a classroom setting but they are few and far between and getting fewer all the time. Five or six years ago my prelicense classes were equally split between the classroom and online classes. I had no intention of discontinuing my classroom classes [Read more…]

Find New Clients Everyday—Guaranteed!

Arm's Length is about 3-Feet

Arm’s Length is about 3-Feet

I get tickled at salespeople sometimes and then at other times I can get frustrated with them just as quickly. It never fails that salespeople will drive past people that would buy their product, while the whole time they are in search for a prospective client to work with. Let me explain what I’m referring to as it relates to the real estate industry. Real estate agents are always looking for new listing opportunities while at the same time they’re searching for people that are interested in buying real estate. Let me set the stage for what I want to tell you by causing you to think outside the box for a moment. More times than not, we do not drive directly to our destination. For example; we may be on our way to work in the morning, but first plan to stop by the gas station. Our next stop may be at McDonald’s or some other fast food place to get a sausage and biscuit. If not there we might stop by Krispy Kreme Donuts. We may not be accustomed to eating breakfast but have to have that cup of coffee first thing every morning. Then we stop by Wal-Mart for a quick visit to pick up supplies we need at the office. It is not uncommon, when going somewhere, to make [Read more…]

First Step to Success is Focus

How's Your Focus?

How’s Your Focus?

I suppose everyone has dreams and aspirations of having a very successful career. Personally I have earned many times more income in my dreams than I have in reality. I have always been one to build air castles. I happen to believe that everything is initiated in a dream. I also believe that when you stop dreaming, you cease to aspire for a better life and begin descending to normalcy. Building air castles is positive stimuli which are a requirement for increasing one’s mental capacity. I’ve always heard when you stop dreaming, you begin dying. Focus on that for a moment and you’ll probably agree.

One of the problems many people have is they don’t know how to capitalize on their dreams by making it a primary goal for them to accomplish in the near future. Back in the 70’s I was an avid deer hunter and spent much of my leisure time in the woods. The only way of getting my tree-stand up in a tree was to bear-hug  a tree, plant my feet so that the teeth on my stand would cut into the tree bark, stand up and grab another bear-hug. By repeating this process I could slowly reach twenty feet high in a tree. That was hard enough but getting down proved to be very damaging to my body on several occasions. I kept dreaming of how to make this process easier and safer. A friend of mine and I finally mastered a type of scissor jack tree stand, hand climber apparatus that we made from old metal bed frames. It actually looked good and worked very well. Everyone that saw it wanted one. We made a few for close friends but never attempted to market them. It wasn’t too long afterwards that a major hunting supply company began selling a tree climber using the same method as we had used. Did we actually invent the tree climber? I don’t know and it really doesn’t matter. We didn’t do anything with the idea and someone else put it into action. A dream is only a mental thought until it is converted into a tangible thing. [Read more…]