A Day In Court Rated AAA+ by Realtors

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New CE Requirements

All licensees must complete Risk Management Avoiding Violations and either Risk Management for Salespersons or Risk Management for Brokers. All brokers must complete Risk Management Avoiding Violations and Risk Management for Brokers.

Since most people want to complete all their CE requirements at the same time, we have made that possible by offering all required courses on the same day.

We are very excited about the one-of-kind elective course “A Day In Court.” It promises to be fun, exciting, educational and one that will form memories for a lifetime.

Day One A Day In Court 9am-4pm 6 Hrs. CE Credits $60  
Day Two Risk Management…. Avoiding Violations 8am11pm 3 Hrs. CE Credits $30  
Day Two Risk Management for Salesperson 11am-3pm 3 Hrs. CE Credits $30  
Day Two Risk Management for Brokers 3pm-6pm 3 Hrs. CE Credits $30  

10 Minute Break Each Hour and One Hour Lunch Break Both Days

Special Note: Salespeople taking Risk Management for Brokers will help a salesperson realize the legal liabilities that are placed on the qualifying broker. Additionally, by taking three different Risk Management classes, the salesperson should be well prepared to limit their liabilities while protecting their clients best financial interests.

Class Dates

July 9-10 July 23-24 Aug. 6-7 Aug. 20-21 Sept. 3-4  Sept. 17-18

To register for these classes send an email to Jame@AlabamaRealEstateInstitute.com and give the name, date your cell phone number. You can pay and register the day of class.

NOTE: Make sure you bring your real estate license number to class because I can’t issue your CE credits without it.


Location: Class will be held at the Orange Beach Community Center, 27235 Canal Rd. 36561

For additional information call James Anderson (251) 979-2530. I look forward to seeing you in class.

Alabama Real Estate Institute–PO Box 2115, 416 E. Laruel Ave., Foley, Al. 36535



Internet is Hurting the Buying Public

Our job is to protect the consumer!

Our job is to protect the consumer!

I’m sure a lot of people will disagree with my topic statement. Hopefully you’ll take time to read it and then I think you’ll agree with me; at least in part. According to the National Association of Realtors most recent studies, close to 95% of real estate buyers search the Internet to find property for sale. In some cases, by doing so, buyers are more familiar with what’s on the market then the agent at the time the buyer contacts the agent. In some cases the buyer tries to buy a property directly from the seller, rather than using the services of a real estate agent, and this is potentially harmful to the buyer. For anyone buying real estate in Alabama, Arkansas and Virginia, it is especially dangerous because of Caveat Emptor. State laws, in these states, place all the responsibility on a buyer could cost the buyer a lot, financially, after the sale has closed. Without talking with an agent in those states, the buyer would never know about the laws that could affect them and it could cause them to have no legal recourse should a serious issue arise. [Read more…]

Sidetracked by the Holidays

Traditional Holiday Meal

Traditional Holiday Meal

This is the time of the year that sales people get sidetracked by all the holiday festivities and then when the holidays are over, they wonder what happened to their income.  Sale markets drastically respond differently to the holidays. Some markets thieve during the holidays while other markets seem to die. Real estate sales aren’t affected that much but those that are in the looking stage will most likely postpone looking until the holidays are over. With shopping to do, and parties to go to, there is hardly time to spare for talking to a real estate agent. Most real estate agents consider the holiday season as a viable excuse for not selling during this time of the year.  The more experienced, more successful agents view this time of the year as greatly improved opportunities to establish a meaningful relationship.

Have you ever noticed that people in general are much nicer, and friendlier from Thanksgiving through Christmas, and even New Year’s? I’m not sure why but during this time of the year, people seem to be more thoughtful of others and less quick to express their anger or short tempers. This is a perfect time for me to talk to new prospective buyers for the first time. They may be too busy for an extended conversation but they are in a very receptive mood for an introduction phone call. Such a call might sound something like this.

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Holiday Season

ChristmasMerry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone that reads this message a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and most prosperous New Year. Enjoy all the blessings life has bestowed upon you and remember those that will go hungry and be sleeping in cold during this Holiday Season. Remember the reason for the season always. May your family be safe in that all they do!


James Anderson

Pros & Cons of Seller Disclosures

Which Way Are You Leaning?

Buying a new house is probably the largest investment most people make during their lifetime. Naturally they want to make sure they do everything correctly to ensure a quality and profitable, financial investment. Questions begin dancing around in their head.  How can I do that? Who can I trust to help me? I can contact a Realtor® but how can they help me? What do they know about this house? I’ve got it. I need to talk to the owner because he knows more about this property than anyone. Hum mm, I wonder if the owner will tell me the truth or will they lie to me? If the shoe was on my foot, would I be totally honest and tell a prospective buyer every little thing that’s wrong with my house? I’m a good person and I’m honest but I want to sell this house and if I tell them every little bad thing I know, they might not buy it. Common sense tells me that I need to get some advice from someone who has the proper training; who has been educated in handling such matters. I need a professional I need to call a Realtor®.

Realtors Are Best Qualified To Represent You

That is a very smart buyer, isn’t it? Real estate agents have to go to school to learn their trade. It is required by state law. They must learn state and federal laws governing the sale of real estate nationally. They also learn state and federal laws protecting consumer rights, environmental issues, prohibition of Americans with disabilities, and discrimination of all peoples rights. They have been schooled in establishing market values, material and labor cost, insurance related issues, obtaining financing from lenders, as well as learning basic knowledge in all fields of the real estate industry. After they have completed the required levels of education, they are tested and licensed by the state in which they live and work. [Read more…]

Real Estate Agents Aren’t Created Equal

Listen Intently

Conversations Include Listening

Please don’t jump to any strange conclusions by the title of this message. By no means do I discriminate against anyone. The key word in this title is “created.” People aren’t born with natural abilities perfectly aligning themselves to become real estate agents. A career in real estate is not nearly as appealing to children as becoming a policeman, fireman, pilot, astronaut, or to play for the NFL or NBA. For whatever reason we decided to get into real estate, the only similarities we have are the educational requirements and the fact that real estate sales people are licensed through their respective state. How and if we develop our career is an individual choice. The level we take our sales production is solely dependent upon our desire to become successful. I liken our industry to most others in that we can go to a real estate office, we can dress and talk like a real estate agent, we can drink real estate coffee, we can speak the real estate language, but that doesn’t make us good real estate agent; anymore than sitting in a hen house makes you a hen. Like other professions, all real estate agents are different. You don’t know what you’re getting until you unwrap the outer covering to see what’s inside. Sort of like Forest Gump and his box of chocolates. [Read more…]