Alabama Real Estate Broker Prelicense Course


Beginning October 1, 2007, the Alabama Real Estate Commission enforces the Alabama State Law by requiring that any licensed salesperson with a minimum of 24 months of the previous 36 months licensure as a Salesperson (730 days active license) must successfully complete this 60-hour Broker Prelicense Course.

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Learning Objectives

After successfully completing this course the licensee will be able to:

  • Identify Alabama License Law requirements, disciplinary actions, and other consequences for violations of the law.
  • Demonstrate how to comply with license law.
  • Evaluate the personal responsibilities and liabilities of a Qualifying Broker.
  • Identify the Federal and State Fair Housing and ADA laws and their effect on Real Estate practices.
  • Develop policies and training to assist with compliance of equality in housing.
  • Implement a plan for staff and salesperson training in diversity and Fair Housing issues.
  • Identify the duties and responsibilities of Agency representation.
  • Differentiate the role of a licensee when acting as an agent and a transaction broker.

Learning Strategies:

  • We encourage classroom participation to ensure a more complete understanding of the subject matter.
  • Dividing the class into work groups for discussing and answering quizzes; then the correct answers are given to entire class.
  • Each segment begins with a quiz to allow the student to realize their knowledge base of the topic to be discussed and to peak their interest.
  • PowerPoint presentations are used to capture attention, create more excitement and enthusiasm, and make the learning process more retainable.
  • Handouts, examples, illustrations, and pertinent information are given to each student.

We are not currently offering this course Online/CD ROM. We have a classroom broker course in mid-term right now so for our next Campus class complete the following.

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