Alabama Real Estate Continuing Education or CE



The Alabama License Law requires everyone that possesses a primary license to practice real estate within the State of Alabama acquire a minimum of 15-hours (actual class room hours) Continuing Education some time during their two year license period prior to October 1, of the last year of that licensing period. Failure to complete the required CE Credits within that specified time frame will result in the license to practice real estate be placed in an “Inactive Status” until such Continuing Education (CE) has been successfully completed and subsequent fines and fees have been paid causing license to be reactivated.

CE Credits are earned by completing the mandatory CE Courses; Risk Management Avoiding Violation (level one)which is 3-Hours of the 15-Hours required. Another requirement for both salespeople and brokers is to take one of the level two Risk Management class consisting of Risk Management for Salespersons or Risk Management for Brokers. The remaining 9-Hours (Elective Hours) consist of various CE Courses that are approved by the Alabama Real Estate Commission.

The Alabama Real Estate Commission has approved Alabama Real Estate Institute to offer the following Continuing Education (CE) course either on school campus or other predetermined locations so long as complete details are posted on the Commission’s Web site, a minimum of 7-days prior to the actual course date.

Classroom CE classes offered in 2019 are as follows:

  • Risk Management–Avoiding Violations 3-Hour CE Credit
  • Risk Management for Salespersons 3-Hour CE Credit
  • Risk Management for Brokers 3-Hours CE Credit
  • Mining for Gold Nuggets 3-Hours CE Credit
  • Code of Ethics Training (NAR Required) 3-Hours CE Credit

The cost for all 15-hours of CE is $150 or $30 for each individual 3-hours class..

Contact us for additional information about times, dates, and locations.


The section below is dedicated to Online CE Courses offered by Internet/Online.

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Continuing Education is also offered Online. The following is a listing of Continuing Education (CE Courses) that are only offered by this method of delivery. These courses are:

Alabama Risk Management Avoiding Violations 3-Hours CE Credit

Alabama Risk Management for Salespersons 3-Hours CE Credit

Alabama Risk Management for Brokers 3-Hours CE Credit

Home Inspection in Real Estate Practice 3-Hours CE Credit

Prequalifying Your Buyer in Todays Market 3-Hours CE Credit

Short Sales and Foreclosures 3-Hours CE Credit

Tax Advantages of Home Ownership 6-Hours CE Credit


The cost for these classes vary according to length but I have a special package for online classes of preselected courses for $99 or you can choose the topics you feel best suit your particular needs. See below.

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