Real Estate Training Classes

ALReal Estate Classes and Continuing Education

Start planning your next Real Estate Education experience on the Alabama Gulf Coast now! Contact James Anderson for more information.The Alabama Real Estate Institutes provides extensive Training Classes for major real estate company’s across the State of Alabama. Intensified and explosive Training Classes provide more thorough explanation of the topic being taught so as to improve the overall performance of day-to-day activities of the professional real estate person. These classes focus on “real-life” situations as it relates to common, daily practices of real estate agents that help improve retention of the material. These Training Classes are very educational but are equally motivational. After attending one of the classes, the agents is motivated, edified, educated, and possesses more confidence in their own ability.

Alabama Real Estate Institute is licensed through the Alabama Department of Post-Secondary Education and through the Alabama Real Estate Commission to provide various types of educational needs to all licensees in Alabama. Our Staff of Instructors are prominent figures in the real estate industry that have years of actual experience. Our guest speakers are leaders within their industry that are considered to be ranked in the top of their field. It is our goal to become the top educational source for all licensees practicing real estate in Alabama.

Training Classes range from one hour to all day 8-hour sessions; Determined by the Company representative that setup the class. We also hold motivational type sales meetings for various companies upon request. Topics vary to meet the needs of the company at that particular time and would benefit their agents the most.   An example of some of the topics are as follows:

  • Effective communication
  • Business Plans Build Success
  • Staying out of Court
  • The First 90-Days in Real Estate 
  • Real Estate Financing
  • Appraisals of Real Estate & Valuation
  • Validity of Comparable Market Analysis
  • Understanding Commercial Real Estate
  • Truth in Lending Practices
  • Establishing Agency Relationships
  • Agency Disclosure Issues
  • Creating & Handling Liability
  • Writing Contracts
  • Trust Funds-Federal & State Laws
  • Pinpointing Environmental Issues
  • Negotiating Techniques
  • Listing/Buyer Presentations
  • Writing and Presenting Offers
  • Marketing Yourself
  • The use of Public Records
  • Farming Real Estate
  • Disecting Alabama License Law
  • Staying out of legal trouble
  • Case Studies involving RECAD

To set up a training class in your office call James Anderson (251) 979-2530.