Mental Changes

If we have any desire at all to have a successful career, we must openly accept change. Every morning when we awake, we can know that we will face new challenges. These challenges are often changes in the way things are done, that we aren’t familiar with. Google just made a change yesterday in the way our emails are seen. I hate it. I had just gotten use to their last change and here comes another one. In due time their new system will be a part of my comfort zone and then I may look back and wonder why they hadn’t made that change a long time ago. I’m sure all of you can relate to what I’m saying. If you don’t believe that change is a continual thing, just go look in the mirror. I don’t look anything like I did 50 years ago.

By far the majority of people find most changes to be difficult to accept. We are creatures of habit. Even in our work places, for the most part our jobs are repetitive. As little as you may think of it, our daily activities are mostly the same. We get up and go to bed about the same time. Our morning and evening activities are almost like a ritual. I’m really preaching to the choir here. I had to go to the office next door to ask what the term was for what I have and they quickly said obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). I’ve got it bad; I even passed it on to daughter and grand-kids. We have a couple types of silverware in the drawer at home. If the wrong one is put out for me, I’ll go swap it out. I only eat with the forks I have used every since I was a child. That’s what you call being “hung up,” or to use a term my daddy would use is “that’s stupid.” The point I’m making is simple. We all have our own special hang-ups and comfort zones.